Learn Application Development with Spring 5

Learn Application Development with Spring 5
Learn Application Development with Spring 5
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Unlock Spring 5 features to create reactive programs

The Spring 5.0 release is by far the most exciting Spring Framework release. Spring 5 brings in support for JetBrains’ Kotlin language and the new reactive stack web framework. It helps you build robust, high-performance apps on a low budget.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use the Spring 5 framework and unlock its benefits. You’ll get started with the features of Spring 5.0 and extend your programming skills to build apps easily. Using the power of beans and dependency injection, you’ll learn to wire application components with ease. You’ll learn to handle UI-focused tasks better within your application and will then integrate Spring with your database to perform some basic CRUD tasks. We then introduce you to WebFlux, using which you will build a Spring Web App from scratch. Finally, you’ll use reactive programming to build an end-to-end application.

By the end of the course, you’ll have built a solid foundation in Spring 5 that will enable you to quickly make changes or scale up your apps in line with business needs.


  • Get to grips with Spring Boot and set up your projects with Spring (including Maven)
  • Use Spring Bean scopes, autowiring, and Spring components for application componentization
  • Handle external file data efficiently with Spring Property file handling
  • Create a Spring RestController (GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE)
  • Handle different data stores with Spring Data
  • Add reactive features to your Spring programs
Table of Contents

1 The Course Overview
2 Introduction
3 Choosing an IDE for Spring
4 Setting Up Maven
5 Creating a Run Configuration
6 Running a Spring Application
7 Introducing Spring IoC
8 Dependency Injection with Annotations
9 Introduction to the @Component Annotation
10 Introduction to @Autowired Annotation
11 Dependency Injection with the @Autowired Annotation
12 Introduction to Spring Beans
13 Creating Spring Beans
14 Spring Bean Scopes
15 Spring Bean Life Cycle and Callbacks
16 Spring Property Files
17 Introduction to Spring Data
18 Spring Data Dependencies
19 Creating a Data Model
20 Setting Up a Repository
21 Reading and Writing the Database
22 Introduction to Creating REST APIs with Spring
23 Creating a RestController
24 Creating Endpoints for Receiving Data
25 Creating Endpoints for Sending and Deleting Data
26 Testing the Endpoints
27 Introduction to Spring Reactive
28 Creating a Reactive Repository
29 Creating a Reactive RestController
30 Course Summary