Learning Algorithms in short time

Learning Algorithms in short time
Learning Algorithms in short time
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This course helps you to build strong foundation from basics

Hello! Welcome to our course on Introduction to Algorithms. This course is basically designed to serve as an engaging content for an algorithmic course focusing on learning essentials of algorithms which will help to build a strong foundation for you to proceed further with implementing the algorithms and solving problems using programming. Our course serves as the first step in your quest for learning algorithm concepts.

In this course, you will learn all the basic algorithms and the data structures, required while implementing these algorithms.You will also learn how to calculate time complexities and how to approach any problem by applying a step by step algorithm. Some advanced and complex algorithms are also explained with possible simple ways. Though, it is not mandatory to have any expert knowledge of programming in order to learn these algorithms, yet some basic knowledge of mathematics might be a plus to understand them quickly. What is required most is some hard work and some dedication. If you have both; No one can stop you from being a very good programmer.

Table of Contents

1 Why you should take this course

Algorithms Basics
2 Introduction to Algorithm Basics
3 Analysis of Algorithms

Useful Algorithm Techniques
4 Backtracking
5 Brute Force Method

Data Structures – foundations for building algorithms
6 Binomial Heap
7 B-Tree
8 List
9 Dictionary
10 Hash Tables
11 Maps
12 Tries
13 Queue
14 Stack
15 Tree
16 Red Black Tree

Graph Algorithms
17 Introduction
18 Graph Data Structures

Important Applications of Algorithm Techniques
19 Divide and Conquer
20 Dynamic Programming

Useful Information
21 Important Algorithms.html