Laravel 6 Essential Training: II Testing, Securing and Deploying Apps

Laravel 6 Essential Training: II Testing, Securing and Deploying Apps
Laravel 6 Essential Training: II Testing, Securing and Deploying Apps
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Laravel is the most popular MVC framework for PHP. It builds on PHP standards and conventions, making it easy to create completely customizable, full-featured apps. In this course—the second installment in the Laravel 6 Essential Training series, instructor Justin Yost continues to cover the essentials of working with Laravel 6 as he demonstrates how to build a basic Laravel application to manage a hotel reservation system. Justin explains how to run console commands, add the ability to save images, work with the Laravel service container, write tests in Laravel, write and send emails using your app, and manage user authentication. These videos provide the information you need to make a move to Laravel and build high-quality, scalable, and sound PHP applications.

Topics include:

  • Saving and viewing files
  • Displaying validation errors
  • Console commands, outputs, arguments, and inputs
  • Building a Laravel route that has multiple parameters
  • Working with the Laravel authentication system
  • Preparing for deployment
Table of Contents

1 Learning the ins and outs of Laravel
2 What you should know before watching this course

Beyond the Basic Form
3 Saving files
4 Viewing files
5 Validation
6 Displaying validation errors
7 Displaying old input

Artisan Console
8 Console commands
9 Console outputs
10 Console arguments
11 Console options
12 Console inputs

Service Container
13 Service providers
14 Facades
15 Interface service container binding
16 Automatic service container binding

17 Basic test
18 Database factories
19 As a user
20 Facades
21 File uploads
22 Console commands

23 Emails
24 Notifications
25 Queue jobs
26 Queue workers
27 Task scheduler

28 Route parameters
29 Route model binding
30 Middleware

Laravel Mix
31 Installing and running Laravel Mix
32 CSS processing
33 JavaScript processing

34 Authentication
35 Route authorization
36 Verified users
37 Encryption
38 Password storage

39 Preparing for deployment
40 Databases
41 Deploying a change

42 Next steps