HTML5 & CSS3 : Landing Pages for Entrepreneurs 2016

HTML5 & CSS3 : Landing Pages for Entrepreneurs 2016
HTML5 & CSS3 : Landing Pages for Entrepreneurs 2016
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 4 Hours | 427 MB

Learn HTML5 and CSS3 to make awesome landing pages for selling your creative asset.

During this course you learn essential elements of HTML5 and CSS3. You also learn how to code awesome landing page for yourself.

The objective of this course is to take someone without any skill of web programming and teach them web development by teaching HTML5 and CSS3.

In this course I assume that you have no prior knowledge about web development, HTML5 and CSS3 so everything that you must know to star your web developing journey are presented.

At the end of this course you are able to write HTML5 and CSS3 codes and every essential things about them added in this course. After learning essential of these two web programming languages I teach you how to create beautiful landing page for selling your assets. After learning this course you can make your own web pages and make money for yourself. Finally every codes and project source added to this course and you can download them easily.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Course
1 Introduction

2 Browser and Text Editor
3 Download Links
4 Introduction to Sublime
5 Introduction to HTML5
6 Compare HTML4 and HTML5
7 Create simple HTML project with tags
8 Simple HTML Page Structure
9 Basic HTML tags
10 Basic HTML tags Source
11 Text Manipulating tags 1
12 Text manipulating tags 1 Source
13 Text manipulating tags 2
14 Text manipulating tags 2 Source
15 Anchor tag
16 Anchor tag Source
17 Image tag
18 Image tag Source
19 List Building tags
20 List Building tags Source
21 Create Tables
22 Create Tables Source
23 Simple Signup Form
24 Simple Signup Form Source

25 How to Style HTML File
26 How to Style HTML File Source
27 Add Style to Text
28 Add Style to Text Source
29 Div The Most Important tag
30 Div The Most Important tag Source
31 CSS id and .class
32 CSS id and .class Source
33 CSS Box Model
34 CSS Box Model Source
35 How to Comment Codes Color Hex Codes
36 How to Comment Codes Color Hex Codes Learn more

Landing Page Project
37 Landing Page Introduction
38 Header Section Part 1
39 Header Section Part 2
40 Features Area Section
41 Learn More Section
42 Pricing Section Part 1
43 Pricing Section Part 2
44 Sponsor Section
45 Footer Section