Kotlin Programming By Example Video Training

Kotlin Programming By Example Video Training
Kotlin Programming By Example Video Training
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Discover Kotlin the easy way

We will focus on getting familiar with Kotlin features that are new compared with Java language. The course will help Audience to get more insight into the new possibilities and deeper differences between Kotlin and other traditional languages. The audience will understand in details about the language advanced features and would become competent to make android apps with what they have learned in this course. It’s a hands on guide to learn the Kotlin programming advanced language and its implementation. Audience will learn through real world examples.

Discover Kotlin the simple way while developing an Android Apps

What You Will Learn

  • Use Kotlin Android Extensions plugin to manage Android views
  • Implement design patterns in Kotlin used on daily basis
  • Develop app with list and navigation between screens using new language patterns
  • Kotlin language modern syntax concepts like higher-order functions and lambdas
  • Create Android Meme Generator app
  • Develop game from scratch in Kotlin: Ants Smasher game
  • Learn to Develop a Github client app
  • Master the art of Kotlin programming language for modern multiplatform applications
Table of Contents

01 The Course Overview
02 Game Design Presentation and Assumptions
03 Introduction to Kotlin Language
04 Designing Ants Smasher Game Architecture
05 Implementing UI Layer
06 Implementing Game Engine
07 Adding Kotlin Android Extensions Plugin
08 Ants Smasher Game Presentation
09 Meme Generator App Design Presentation and Assumptions
10 Creating App Main Screen Using Java and Kotlin
11 Extension Functions and Higher-order Functions
12 Implementing Meme Composer Screen
13 Meme Generator App Presentation
14 GitHub Client App Design Presentation and Assumptions
15 Implementing Data Layer
16 Implementing Main Screen Activity Class
17 Implementing RecyclerView Adapter for Search Results
18 Implementing Networking with Retrofit Library
19 Using Kotlin Coroutines for Async Networking Operations
20 Adding Repository Details Screen
21 GitHub Client App Presentation