Kotlin for Android Development: Develop an App with Kotlin

Kotlin for Android Development: Develop an App with Kotlin
Kotlin for Android Development: Develop an App with Kotlin
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Develop a Real World Weather App Using Kotlin for Android Development

This online course will teach you how to use Kotlin for Android Development while creating a PRACTICAL REAL WORLD APPLICATION!

  • Do you want to learn Kotlin, the newest programming language for modern, multi-platform applications?
  • Have you spent time and energy trying to figure out the differences between using Kotlin versus regular Java?
  • Does your code need the structure and framework only Kotlin can give, but you don't know where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place!

This course was created to teach people just like you how to easily get started with Kotlin.

Kotlin is the best new programming language for Android development on the market right now, and we have developed a system to allow you to learn just what you need to know, only when you need it.

Have fun while learning! Learn by actually doing!

After enrolling in this course, you'll be taken through a practical project that you'll use to create your own applications. Follow along and practice while learning!

In this course you will create a Weather Application that will pull real world data based on your zip code. While building out this simple but amazing application, you will learn the enhancements Kotlin provides while coding.

Whether you just want to enhance your programming skills or have a specific project you need done right this instant, this course is for you. We will guide you every step of the way and are here to make sure you succeed in your ventures. We are always available to answer any messages, discussions, questions, or feedback that you have.

What You Will Learn

  • At the end of this course you will have a strong understanding on using Kotlin alongside Java.
  • You will create a real world, practical project along the way to make the educational process fun and interesting!
  • After completion, you should have a good decision on if Kotlin is right for you.
Table of Contents

Welcome to Kotlin for Android Development
1 Introduction
2 Installing the Kotlin Plugin
3 Variable Types
4 findViewById
5 Kotlin Extensions
6 Strings
7 OpenWeatherMap API
8 Weather Class
9 Functions
10 Class Extending
11 Displaying Fake Temp Results
12 Improving String Formatting
13 Data Classes
14 Retrieving JSON from OpenWeatherMap
15 Presenting Data
16 with()
17 Null Safety
18 Enter Zip Code
19 Lists
20 Filtering Lists
21 Finding List Count and Averag
22 No More Nulls
23 Kotlin Extension Functions
24 Thank You for Taking This Course