Kotlin for Android Developers

Kotlin for Android Developers
Kotlin for Android Developers
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Build Android applications in an efficient way with the exciting functional features offered by Kotlin

Kotlin is a trending language for modern Android developers and enables you to build Android apps faster and more conveniently than in Java! This course helps Android developers switch from Java and to Kotlin for Android development; it teaches you the essential Kotlin features you need to know to do this!

This course starts by introducing you to Android Studio where you'll build your first application in Kotlin. After this, you will delve into the Kotlin Toolbox for Kotlin Android Extensions. You will also compare classes and functions in Kotlin and also control flow and loops. We'll discuss some problems in Java and how Kotlin fixes them, and how Kotlin tackles many of Java's drawbacks such as verbosity and null safety. You will also get into exciting topics such as extension functions. Finally, you'll build a Stock Trading app entirely in Kotlin while comparing some parts to Java to ease the transition.

By the end of this course, you will be comfortable developing an Android application using only the Kotlin language. You will no longer be dependent only on Java to do this.

Learn Kotlin the simple way while developing an Android App. With the use of examples, master Kotlin features and create your own apps from scratch.

What You Will Learn

  • Run a Kotlin application and understand its integration with Android Studio
  • Incorporate Kotlin into new/existing Android Java-based projects
  • Upgrade your toolbox and learn about Kotlin Android Extensions
  • Define various types of class and deal with properties
  • Delve into control-flow along with mutable and immutable values
  • Build a Stock Trading app using higher-order functions in Kotlin.
Table of Contents

Setting Up Android Studio
1 The Course Overview
2 Downloading Android Studio
3 Setting Up Your Project with Kotlin Support

Get Going with Kotlin
4 Building Your First Kotlin App
5 Syntax – Classes, Functions, Variables, and Comments
6 Mutable and Immutable Variables

Classes, Functions, and Control Flow
7 From POJOs to Data Classes
8 Visibility Modifiers
9 Interfaces
10 Object Oriented Support and Extending Classes
11 Null Safety and Smart Casts
12 Object Keyword and Singletons
13 Functions
14 Default Function Arguments
15 Named Function Arguments
16 Control Flow

Kotlin Toolbox – Kotlin Android Extensions
17 Life after findViewById
18 Integrating Kotlin Android Extensions in Our Code
19 Recovering Views from XML
20 The Magic behind Kotlin Android Extensions
21 Kotlin Android Extensions on Fragments
22 Kotlin Android Extensions on a Custom View
23 Recovering Views from Another View
24 Kotlin Android Extensions in 1.1.4
25 Kotlin Android Extensions to Implement Parcelable
26 Customizing the Cache Build