Learn Ethical Hacking With Kali, Nmap and Metasploit

Learn Ethical Hacking With Kali, Nmap and Metasploit
Learn Ethical Hacking With Kali, Nmap and Metasploit
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Learn ethical hacking with Kali in your own lab, scan targets with Nmap and exploit victims with metasploit

Learn the popular security tools and techniques that you will need to run penetration tests with the best ethical hacking distribution Kali, and the tools: Nmap and Metasploit.

Learn the Essential Techniques and Build a Strong Foundation in Penetration Testing in This Comprehensive Course From Scratch!

  • Set up ethical hacking environment with Kali
  • Prepare virtual victim environment to run your tests safely
  • Scan the targets with easy-to-use and affective commands in Nmap
  • Discover the vulnerabilities to hack into systems
  • Exploit the targets with Metasploit
  • Interact with payloads on victim machines
  • Download documents, create remote users and take screen captures from exploited Linux and Windows servers.

Powerful Security Skills at Your Fingertips

Learning the fundamentals of ethical hacking puts a powerful and very useful skill at your fingertips. Kali, nmap and metasploit are free and easy to learn tools from beginner to advanced penetration testing operations.

Jobs in penetration testing positions are plentiful and companies are constantly looking for cyber security professionals who have practical-hands on experience on Kali and Metasploit. Experts from the IT industry are also looking for simple yet effective solutions to keep their systems secure.

This course is perfect for anyone seeking to provide safe and secure IT systems with implementing ethical hacking and penetration testing solutions.

Contents and Overview

Suitable for beginners in cyber security, through this course of 45+ lectures and 3 hours of video content, you will learn all the details about setting up and using Kali Linux Distribution and establish a strong understanding of the process behind a professional penetration test.

This course starts with introducing basic – yet very important aspects of ethical hacking. After this quick summary, you will find yourself already practicing how to setup a penetration testing platform with Kali and victim machines, which you can use in your professional life.

Right after deploying the systems, you will immediately start scanning the target environment, which consists of 1 intentionally vulnerable Linux distribution and 1 Windows 7.

After completing scanning operations, you will learn the famous hacking framework Metasploit with all important options, by practicing against victim machines. And finally, you will be able to exploit and remotely access to Linux and Windows machines, where you will practice ethical hacking skills like downloading documents and gaining passwords, with leveraging advanced payloads like meterpreter.

Upon completion, you will learn how to prepare your ethical hacking environment with Kali, scan network segments per your needs, discover vulnerabilities, exploit victims and gain remote access to compromised machines.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Welcome!
1 Introduction
2 Course Content

Introduction to Pentesting and Kali
4 So, what is pentesting?
5 Types of Pentests and Pentesting Process
6 Phases and Scope Summary.txt
7 Lets Talk About Kali
8 Section 2- Wrap Up

Installing Lab Environment
9 Why Do We Need a Lab Environment?
10 Downloading Kali, Vmware Workstation, Metasploitable, Windows 7
11 Installing VMware Player
12 Installing Kali
13 Installing Metasploitable
14 Installing Windows 7
15 Section 3- Wrap Up

Working with Kali
16 Kali Desktop Interface and Menus
17 Updating and Upgrading Kali
18 Installing VM Tools
19 Essential Tools in Kali
20 Section 4- Wrap Up

Configuring Victims
21 We Need Victims
22 Preparing Metasploitable
23 Good Old Friend Windows
24 Making Windows Vulnerable
25 Section 5- Wrap Up

Action Time with Nmap
26 First Scan with Nmap
27 Types of Port Scanning
28 Port Scanning Practice
29 Service and Version Detection
30 Let-s Scan Faster
31 How to Save Nmap Results?
32 Section 6- Wrap Up

Exploitation with Metasploit
33 Exploitation Basics
34 Metasploit is THE Exploitation Framework
35 Diving Into Metasploit
36 Import Operations with MSF database
37 Your First Shell
38 Let-s Practice
39 Creating Users Remotely in Limited Shells
40 Section 7- Wrap Up

Windows Hacking and Meterpreter
41 Introduction to Windows Hacking
42 Advanced Windows Scanning
43 Exploiting Windows 7
44 The Power of Metasploit- Meterpreter
45 Section 8- Wrap Up

Course Wrap Up and Final Notes
46 First Step To Be a Professional Pentester, Completed
47 Good Bye and See You Soon