Kali Linux Advanced Wireless Penetration Testing

Kali Linux Advanced Wireless Penetration Testing
Kali Linux Advanced Wireless Penetration Testing
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Test your wireless network’s security and master advanced wireless penetration techniques using Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution designed primarily for Penetration Testing and Digital Forensics. It gives access to a large collection of security-related tools for professional security testing.

In this course, you will be discussing the different variety of tools and techniques to find hidden wireless networks and Bluetooth devices. You will learn how to enumerate the wireless network, cracking passwords, getting connected to any vulnerable wireless network and Bluetooth device. All the exercise in this course will be hands-on throughout this training.

The end goal of this course is to be able to connect, enumerate, extract information to any wireless-enabled device and network by utilizing various tools and software programs.

This video course uses a step-by-step approach via real-world attack scenarios to help you master wireless penetration testing techniques.

What You Will Learn

  • Get familiar with Wi-Fi network protocols
  • Find open and hidden SSID’s and crack Wi-Fi passwords
  • Perform a Man in the Middle attack
  • Curate a DoS attack on our victim
  • Scan for all nearby Bluetooth devices
  • Hack all Bluetooth devices
Table of Contents

Wireless Lab Setup#
1 The Course Overview
2 Wireless Security Protocols
3 Scanning for Open and Hidden SSIDтАЩs
4 Creating Password Dictionary
5 Cracking Wi-Fi Passwords

Advanced Wireless Sniffing
6 Wireshark – Capturing Traffic
7 NetworkMiner – Extract Files and Data
8 DarkStat – Analyzing Network Traffic
9 Wireless Network Detector and Sniffer

Man in the Middle Attacks
10 What is MiTM
11 ArpSpoof – Setup Between Our Victim and Router
12 DriftNet – Displaying Victims Image Traffic
13 URLSnarf – Capturing Website Information_Data

Denial of Service Attacks
14 What Is DoS
15 Volume-Based DoS
16 Protocol-Based DoS
17 Application Layer Based Attacks – DoS

Detecting Hidden Bluetooth Device
18 Bluetooth Basics
19 BlueLog – Scanning for Bluetooth Devices in the Area
20 RedFang – Find Hidden Bluetooth Devices
21 Spooftooph – Bluetooth Spoofing

Hacking Bluetooth Devices
22 Bluesmack – Bluetooth DoS Script
23 Bluesnarfing – Extract Data from Target
24 BlueJacking – Sending a Business Card to Target
25 Bluebugging – Taking Control Over Target