JSON with Java EE 8: Hands-on Training

JSON with Java EE 8: Hands-on Training
JSON with Java EE 8: Hands-on Training
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Use JSON to build portable applications based on Java standards.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is very simple data representation format. It’s easy to read by humans, easy to parse by computers. JSON is language independent and supported by most of the modern programming languages. All of these make it one of the most popular data exchange formats.Java EE 8 fully supports JSON. It includes JSON Processing and JSON Binding APIs. These APIs were designed as part of Java Community Process by a group of experts in this area.

This course is dedicated to JSON-P 1.1, JSON-B 1.0 and Yasson 1.0. You will learn how to use these APIs to build portable applications based on Java standards. We will start with simple use cases and step by step, increasing complicity, go to advanced features.

By the end of this course, you will become familiar with JSON Processing API and JSON Binding API. You will be able to create, parse and transform JSON documents, use JSON Pointer, JSON Patch as well as JSON-B adapters and serializers and other features.

This course consists of easy to watch videos covering specific topics with a little sense of humor. It’s designed the way that each video can be watched separately if you are interested only in a topic it covers. On the other hand, all videos are connected by building one bigger sample application.

What You Will Learn

  • Effectively parse JSON streams
  • Write JSON data to streams
  • Use JSON model API to create and transform JSON documents
  • Create JSON patches and use them to make batch modifications in JSON documents
  • Study Jason Merge Patch as another option of modifying JSON documents
  • Configure your project to use JSON Binding and Yasson
  • Use default mapping for serializing/deserializing a simple Java class
  • Understand what date formats are used by default
  • Use annotations to customize your mapping
  • Use JSON-B adapters
  • Use JSON-B serializers and deserializers
Table of Contents

JSON Support in Java EE
1 The Course Overview
2 Introduction to JSON
3 Overview of JSON APIs Included in Java EE 8

Basic JSON Processing Features#
4 JSONP General Information – Web Sites, Repositories, Issues Trackers
5 Tools and Sample Project Setup
6 Using JSON Parserc
7 Using JSON Generator
8 Using Object Model API

JSONP 1.1 New Features#
9 New Features of JSONP 1.1
10 Using JSON Pointer
11 Using JSON Patch
12 Using JSON Merge Patch
13 Using Java 8 Stream API
14 Processing Big JSON Documents

Integration with JAX-RS
15 Sample Project Setup
16 JSONP Integration with JAX-RS

JSON Binding and Yasson
17 Tools and Sample Project Setup
18 JSON-B Overview

JSON-B Default Mapping
19 Default Mapping Overview
20 Mapping of Basic and JDK Specific Types
21 Mapping of Collections and Enums
22 Mapping of Dates
23 Mapping of Classes and Fields
24 Fields Visibility Policy
25 Mapping of JSONP Types
26 Mapping of Generic Types

JSON-B Customized Mapping
27 How to Customize Your Mappings
28 Changing Property Names and Using Naming Strategies
29 Property Order and Property Order Strategies
30 Nillable Customization
31 Ignoring Properties
32 Custom Instantiation
33 Date_time and Number Format Customizations
34 Strict I-JSON Compliance
35 Binary Data Strategies
36 Adapters
37 Serializers and Deserializers

JSON-B Integration with JAX-RS
38 Sample Project Setup
39 Build Sample Project and Demonstrate Basic Features