JQuery Master, build awesome websites, 5 Projects included!

JQuery Master, build awesome websites, 5 Projects included!

English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 8.5 Hours | 1.08 GB

Learn Jquery from the scratch or learn more about it, and build your own applications.

Master JQuery and start building rich webpages and applications.

JQuery is the most used library in the world to build Web-Pages and applications. From transitions to just simplify you code just like jquery says, write less do more.

In this course…

We will start from the very beginning. From “..I Don’t know what JQuery is…” to actually build a few applications with transitions and custom functions. We will divide this journey together in different modules, where we are going to be increasing the difficulty as we advance through the course.

Since I believe that the best way to learn its by coding, at the end of the course, we will create three small widgets from the very start, and two whole projects were we will apply a los of Jquery and as we advance in time, I will be adding more projects so we can practice with something new.

To sum everything up, you will learn in this course:

  • The very basics of Jquery, Selecting elements, childrens and parents, EQ’ing, Filters.
  • We will learn how to manipulate the screen with the DOM, Events, Listeners, creating elements, Inserting elements and more.
  • We will create transitions and use the built in transitions of jquery and we will create our own custom animations.
  • We will learn how to use JQuery UI to make our website awesome.
  • And of course we will cover bonus features Other libraries, ajax, etc

At the end we well create widgets and apps to apply everything in a real world experience.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 What is JQuery
3 JQuery alternatives
4 Where to get it
5 Lets use it

Undestanding the basics
6 Selecting elements by Tag
7 Selecting elements by ID or Class
8 Selecting other elements
9 Selecting Childrens
10 Finding elements
11 Getting the parents
12 Previous and Next
13 Using EQ
14 First Last Filter and Not

Using the DOM
15 Window and the DOM
16 Appending and Prepending
17 Before and After
18 Replacing elements
19 Removing elements
20 Access element Data
21 Playing with classes
22 Playing with Styles
23 Data attributes

Using Events
24 Understanding Events
25 Mouse Events
26 Keyboard Events
27 On and Window Events
28 Form Events
29 Form Events Submit
30 Form Events Change

Using Animations and Transitions
31 Showing and Hiding elements
32 Fade in and Fade out
33 Slide Down and Slide Up
34 Custom Animations
35 Custom Animations 2
36 Stop it all
37 Timing Animations
38 Timing Animations 2

39 What is Ajax
40 GET data with Ajax
41 POST data with Ajax

Course project Awesome tabs Widget
42 Creating the markup
43 Creatig the JS
44 Get the project from Github

Course project Card Slider Widget
45 Creating the markup
46 Creating the JS
47 Creating the JS 2
48 Creating the JS 3
49 Get the project from Github

Course project Overlay widget
50 Creating the markup
51 Creating the JS
52 Creating the JS 2
53 Get the project from Github

Bonus Using JQuery UI
54 What is JQuery UI
55 Draggable
56 Droppable
57 Resizable
58 Selectable
59 Sorteable
60 Accordion
61 Datepicker
62 Autocomplete
63 Slider
64 More widgets
65 AddClass and RemoveClass
66 Effect
67 Toggle
68 Switch Class

Course Project Quizzer App
69 Creating the App
70 Creating the App 2
71 Creating the App 3
72 Creating the App 4
73 Creating the App 5
74 Creating the App 6
75 Get the project from Github

Course Project OsomMovie App
76 Creating the markup
77 Creating the JS
78 Creating the JS 2
79 Creating the JS 3
80 Creating the markup 2
81 Creating the JS 4
82 Creating the JS 5
83 Creating the JS 6
84 Get the project from Github

Bonus Other plugins
85 JQuery Validate for Forms
86 Better animations.

Want more
87 Get cupons for 10