Jenkins 2 Introduction for Beginners on Windows

Jenkins 2 Introduction for Beginners on Windows
Jenkins 2 Introduction for Beginners on Windows
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Novice guide to Jenkins 2 Continuous Integration with a step-by-step guide to DevOps on a Windows System

This is a beginner's course designed to show how to setup and run a Jenkins CI server starting with continuous inspection (build, test and analysis) for users of Windows-based systems. This course provides a strong foundation for implementing continuous inspection and integration at your company or studio. In order to keep the course short and to-the-point, several decisions were made in order to provide a complete path to continuous integration.

The pipeline created in this course consists of the following:

  • Jenkins CI server installed and configured on Windows
  • Git as the source control system
  • Java as the main programming language of build projects
  • Maven as the build tool
  • This set of tools provides a comprehensive, end-to-end implementation continuous integration pipeline. Jenkins can be installed on many operating systems and supports a myriad of tools and technologies -- which means, this course provides tremendous value to those comfortable or interested in other operating systems and/or technologies.

Course Outline

Introduction provides an overview for the course, which leas to the Core Concepts for Jenkins. This provides a foundation for the remainder of the course.

Quick Installation provides an abbreviated step-by-step instructions on how to setup Jenkins and all the related tools specifically on Windows. Full Installation details is covered in the bonus section of the course.

Jenkins Basics provides a first look at Jenkins at work with a very simple "freestyle" project. This allows us to learn the Jenkins interface and the key features it provides.

After our initial introduction to Jenkins, we Manage Jenkins plugins and global configuration.

Then, we dive into Maven Projects specifically -- since Jenkins can understand Maven and thus provides special features for Maven projects -- with the right plugins installed.

We venture beyond the basics with Scheduled Projects and periodically Polling Source Control, which are closely related. Then we look at how to Link Projects together by calling upstream and downstream projects. Finally, we organize our projects with Views.

Course Features

Presentations provide audio/video training of conceptual ideas in each major area or introduction of new concepts.

Screencasts provide a video of the instructor's computer system with any actions, commands, or screens displayed and narrated. There are several hours of screencat video content -- it makes up the vast majority of the course. Any command line based screencast will include a command listing in the lecture downloads.

Table of Contents

1 Course Welcome and Introduction
2 Course Focus and Approach
3 What and Why of Jenkins
4 Jenkins Architecture

Quick Install
5 Quick Install Overview
6 Jenkins Quick Install
7 Jenkins Services on Windows
8 Quick Install Notes.html

Jenkins Basics
9 Jenkins Basics Overview
10 Login
11 Jenkins Dashboard
12 Create First Job
13 Project Configuration
14 First Build
15 Project Homepage
16 Enable and Disable Projects
17 Build History
18 Build Page
19 Batch Project
20 Failing on Purpose
21 Dashboard Revisited
22 Deleting a Project
23 Cleaning Up Fix Broken Project
24 Copy a Project

Manage Jenkins
25 Manage Jenkins Overview
26 Manage Jenkins Page
27 Update Jenkins
28 Update Plugins
29 Plugin Research
30 Add New Plugin
31 Uninstall Plugins
32 EnableDisable Plugins
33 Maven Integration Plugin
34 Configure Jenkins
35 Global Tools

Maven Projects
36 Maven Projects Overview
37 Build Locally First
38 Maven Project
39 Maven Build and Workspace
40 Maven Modules and Build Pages
41 Troubleshooting Maven Projects - Code Update
42 Troubleshooting Maven Projects - Within Jenkins
43 Troubleshooting Maven Projects - Replicate Locally
44 Troubleshooting Maven Projects - Project Workspace
45 Troubleshooting Maven Projects -Resolve Failure

Scheduled Projects
46 Scheduled Projects Overview
47 Building on a Schedule - Part 1 - Setup and Configuration
48 Building on a Schedule - Part 2 - Builds
49 Building on a Schedule - Part 3 - Revise Schedule

Source Code Polling
50 Polling Overview
51 Polling 1 - Welcome Config
52 Polling 2 - Initial Builds
53 Polling 3 - Code Updates
54 Polling 4 - Revise Schedule

Linked Projects
55 Linked Projects Overview
56 Upstream Project Configuration
57 Upstream Project Build and Review
58 Downstream Project Configuration
59 Downstream Project Build and Review

60 Views Overview
61 Creating New Views
62 Regular Expression Views
63 Deleting a View
64 View Descriptions
65 Navigation with Views and Default View
66 View Build History

67 Review and Final Words

Bonus Full Installation Process
68 Full Installation Overview
69 Chrome on Windows
70 Git for Windows Installation
71 Git for Windows Options
72 Git for Windows Gitting Help
73 Git for Windows Configuration
74 Notepad Installation
75 Notepad Configuration
76 Java 8 Installation
77 Java 8 Configuration
78 Maven 3 Installation
79 Jenkins 2 Installation
80 Jenkins 2 Getting Started