JDBC Fundamentals

JDBC Fundamentals
JDBC Fundamentals
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Learn all about JDBC (Java Database Connectivity). This video series includes six clips:

  • Introduction to JDBC. Learn about JDBC and why it is a useful tool in accessing data from a database. JDBC handles all requests and responses from a database or any application. Understand the drivers behind JDBC, and how JDBC compares with similar packages such as ODBC.
  • Establishing a Connection. Practice connecting via JDBC to a database. Learn some JDBC tricks such as building a reusable script to connect to any database.
  • Retrieving Data. Master a number of different methods to fetch data from a database. Learn all about cursors and result sets.
  • Preparing Data. Master the very powerful Prepare statement.
  • CRUD Operations. Apply Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations in JDBC.
  • Inserting Objects. Practice inserting objects such as pictures into a database using JDBC.
  • Batch Processing. Learn all about batch processing, including those methods most important for bulk load.
Table of Contents

01 Introduction to JDBC
02 Establishing a Connection
03 Retrieving Data
04 Preparing Data
05 CRUD Operations
06 Inserting Objects
07 Batch Processing