JavaScript: Modern Browser APIs

JavaScript: Modern Browser APIs
JavaScript: Modern Browser APIs
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Over the past few years, new APIs and features have been proliferating through modern web browsers. These APIs can help you build amazing web apps that perform better, work offline, delight the user, and provide better user experiences overall. In this course, learn how to use standard JavaScript and a selection of modern browser APIs to improve data retrieval and storage, get better app performance, and build web pages that seamlessly integrate into your user’s everyday life. Instructor Joe Marini details how to leverage modern storage capabilities in browsers, take advantage of native device user experiences, get better performance from animations and page loading, and much more.

Topics include:

  • Integrating with native notifications
  • Caching data with the Cache API
  • Faster page loading with prefetch and preload
  • Improving animation with requestAnimationFrame
  • Making storage persistent on devices
  • Detecting network conditions and quality
  • Displaying page content in full-screen mode
Table of Contents

1 Building apps with modern JavaScript
2 What you should know
3 Set up the development environment

Improving Performance
4 Smoother animation with requestAnimationFrame()
5 Faster navigation with prefetch
6 Prioritized loading with preload
7 Server communication with Beacon API
8 Element visibility with Intersection Observer

Better Data Management
9 Overview of data handling
10 Easier Ajax with the Fetch API
11 Simplified IndexedDB with localForage
12 localForage and multiple instances
13 Caching data with the Cache API
14 Making storage persistent
15 Getting device memory information

Advanced User Experiences
16 Native overlays with the Dialog API
17 Integrating with native notifications
18 Detecting network conditions
19 Using page visibility
20 Going full screen with content
21 Using full-screen events and styling
22 Dynamic images with CSS Paint API
23 Parameters with CSS Paint API

24 Next steps