Javascript Fundamentals I and II LiveLessons

Javascript Fundamentals I and II LiveLessons
Javascript Fundamentals I and II LiveLessons
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JavaScript Fundamentals I and II provides you with all of the training you need to build world-class web applications. Begin with JavaScirpt basics, including control statements, functions, arrays, objects, events, CSS, DOM, and more. Then, master scripting with XML and RSS, and finish by learning to build the rich Ajax appliations that are taking the Web by storm!

Your instructor, Paul Deitel, delivers over 14 hours of world-class video training. Using the Deitels’ signature “live-code” approach, Paul teaches by analyzing complete working programs, not trivial code fragments.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Javascript Fundamentals I
2 Learning Objectives
3 Installing Firebug and the Web Developer Toolbar in Firefox
4 First XHTML example
5 Heading elements h1 through h6
6 Linking to other web pages
7 Linking to an e-mail address
8 Images in XHTML files
9 Images as link anchors
10 Inserting special characters
11 Unordered list containing hyperlinks
12 Nested and ordered lists
13 Creating a basic table
14 Complex XHTML table
15 Form with hidden fields and a text box
16 Form using a variety of components
17 Internal hyperlinks to make pages more navigable
18 Meta elements provide keywords and a description of a page
19 Learning Objectives
20 Using inline styles
21 Embedded style sheets
22 Inheritance in style sheets
23 External style sheet and Linking an external style sheet
24 Absolute positioning of elements
25 Relative positioning of elements
26 Adding background images and indentation
27 Element dimensions and text alignment
28 Box model for block-level elements and Borders of block-level elements
29 Floating elements
30 CSS media types
31 CSS drop-down menu
32 Pt measurement for text size, User style sheet, User style sheet applied with pt measurement, em measurement for text size and U
33 Learning Objectives
34 Displaying a line of text
35 Printing one line with separate statements
36 Printing on multiple lines with a single statement
37 Alert dialog displaying multiple lines
38 Prompt box used on a welcome screen
39 Addition script (and Using the Firebug Debugger)
40 Using equality and relational operators
41 Learning Objectives
42 Counter-controlled repetition to calculate a class average
43 Sentinel-controlled repetition to calculate a class average
44 Examination-results calculation
45 Arithmetic assignment operators
46 Increment and decrement operators and Preincrementing and postincrementing
47 Learning Objectives
48 Counter-controlled repetition
49 Counter-controlled repetition with the for statement
50 Summation with the for repetition structure
51 Compound interest calculation with a for loop
52 Using the switch multiple-selection statement
53 Using the do..while repetition statement
54 Using the break statement in a for statement
55 Using the continue statement in a for statement
56 Demonstrating logical operators
57 Learning Objectives
58 Programmer-defined function square
59 Programmer-defined maximum function
60 Random integers, shifting and scaling
61 Rolling a six-sided die 6000 times
62 Craps game simulation
63 Scoping example
64 JavaScript global functions
65 Learning Objectives
66 Initializing the elements of an array
67 Declaring and initializing arrays
68 Summing elements of an array
69 Dice-rolling program using an array instead of a switch
70 Random image generation using arrays
71 Passing arrays and individual array elements to functions
72 Sorting an array with Array method sort
73 Initializing multidimensional arrays
74 Online quiz graded with JavaScript
75 Summary of Javascript Fundamentals I
76 Introduction to Javascript Fundamentals II
77 Learning Objectives
78 Finding information about JavaScript Objects
79 String methods charAt, charCodeAt, fromCharCode, toLowercase
80 String searching with indexOf and lastIndexOf
81 String object methods split and substring
82 String object XHTML markup methods
83 Date and time methods of the Date object
84 Using the window object to create and modify child windows
85 Using cookies to store user identification data
86 Rich welcome page using several JavaScript concepts and Online quiz in a child window
87 Learning Objectives
88 Demonstration of a document’s DOM tree
89 Basic DOM functionality
90 Using the links collection
91 Dynamic styles
92 Dynamic styles used for animation
93 Learning Objectives
94 Event registration models
95 Simple drawing program and some event object properties
96 Events onmouseover and onmouseout
97 Demonstrating the onfocus and onblur events
98 Demonstrating the onsubmit and onreset events
99 Canceling event bubbling
100 Learning Objectives
101 XML that describes a baseball player’s information
102 XML used to mark up an article
103 Business letter marked up as XML
104 XML namespaces demonstration
105 Default namespace demonstration
106 Document Type Definition (DTD) for a business letter
107 Schema-valid XML document describing a list of books. and XML Schema document for book.xml
108 XML Schema document defining simple and complex types and XML document using the laptop element defined in computer.xsd
109 Expression marked up with MathML and displayed in the Firefox browser and Algebraic equation marked up with MathML and displayed
110 XML document that describes various sports and XSLT that creates elements and attributes in an XHTML document
111 XML document containing book information and XSL document that transforms sorting.xml into XHTML
112 Traversing an XML document using the XML DOM
113 Rendering an RSS feed in a web page using XSLT and JavaScript
114 Learning Objectives
115 Classic web application reloading the page for every user interaction
116 Ajax-enabled web application interacting with the server asynchronously
117 Asynchronously display content without reloading the page
118 Image catalog that uses Ajax to request XML data asynchronously
119 Ajax-enabled address-book application
120 Summary of Javascript Fundamentals II