Become a Master of JavaScript from Scratch in 2018

Become a Master of JavaScript from Scratch in 2018
Become a Master of JavaScript from Scratch in 2018
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 13 Hours | 2.33 GB

Learn and Understand Core JavaScript programming from the root and be able to build web apps using jQuery and React Js.

This one course is all you need to understand Core JavaScript Fundamentals and start building real applications using most popular, most in-demand and most amazing Javascript libraries like jQuery and React js.

The highlight of this course is the knowledge it will give you about the Core JavaScript Programming, which will give you a solid understanding of how the code you are writing actually works behind the scene.

Knowing how the program you write will work behind the scene is an amazing skill to have. It gives you all the confidence and joy you need in order to become a successful Web Developer.

Another advantage of this course for you is the the ability it will give you to pick up any other programming language such as PHP or Ruby.

You will have an easy time learning new language or framework. Because all the programming languages share the same core fundamentals. And you will be mastering those core concepts in this course.

Ok great, but just learning a language is not enough and gets boring overtime. That is why, as soon as we finish with the core JavaScript fundamentals, we will begin building real applications.

You will be building 4 Real World Applications using jQuery and React. Yeah, this course will teach you basics of jQuery, ES6 and React too.

You will also learn to push your projects to GitHub pages for free hosting. This way you can build your own portfolio and include at least those 4 projects you will build by the end of this course.

And the immense knowledge you will gain from this course will prepare you to build more apps for sure.

Here is a glimpse of this course. Make sure to check the course table of contents for more details:

  • Learn core programming fundamentals in JavaScript
  • Understand core JavaScript in organized order
  • Understand Object Oriented JavaScript
  • You will be able to learn any other programming language other than javascript too. Because you will learn the
  • core programming fundamentals that shared by most of the programming languages.
  • JavaScript, Objects, Functions, Prototype and Constructors
  • Learn jQuery
  • Learn ES6
  • Learn React
  • Build 4 Real world project
  • 192 lectures with over 13 hours of valuable content

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand core concepts of programming.
  • Understand JavaScript Programming language from the root.
  • Be confident to build web apps using jQuery.
  • Be confident to build web apps using React Js.
  • Get comfortable working with web API.
Table of Contents

Introduction to JavaScript
1 Introduction to JavaScript
2 What is javascript implementation made of
3 Add JavaScript to HTML

JavaScript Data Types
4 Javascript variables operators identifiers statements and comments
5 Javascript data types and typeof operator
6 Javascript null and boolean data types
7 Understanding JavaScript number type part one
8 Understanding JavaScript number type part two
9 Javascript string type

JavaScript Object Basics
10 Javascript object basics part one
11 Javascript object basics part two

JavaScript Operators
12 Unary operator
13 Boolean operators
14 Multiplicative operators
15 Additive operators
16 Relational operators
17 Equality operators
18 Conditional - Ternary operators
19 Compound assignment operators
20 Comma operators

JavaScript Loops
21 If else statements
22 Do while loop
23 While loop
24 For loop
25 For in statement
26 Labeled break and continue statements
27 Switch statement

JavaScript functions basic
28 Functions basic
29 Function arguments

Primitive and Reference Types Execution Context and Scope
30 Primitive and reference values
31 Execution context and scope chain
32 No block level scope
33 Reference types

JavaScript Arrays
34 JavaScript arrays
35 Array conversion methods
36 Array stack methods
37 Array queue methods
38 Array re-ordering methods
39 Array manipulation methods
40 Array location methods
41 Array iterative methods
42 Array reduce method

JavaScript Date and Regular Expression Type
43 JavaScript date type
44 JavaScript regular expression type

JavaScript Functions
45 JavaScript function type
46 Function declaration vs function expression
47 Functions argument object properties
48 Functionss this object
49 Function methods - apply call and bind

JavaScript Strings - Primitive Wrapper Type
50 Primitive reference type
51 String manipulation using concat slice substr ad substring
52 String manipulation using indexof trim touppercase and tolowercase
53 String manipulation using match search replace and split

Object Oriented JavaScript - Objects
54 Object Oriented JavaScript
55 Factory pattern
56 Constructor pattern
57 Prototype pattern
58 Combination of constructor and prototype pattern

Object Oriented JavaScript - Functions
59 Function
60 Recursion
61 Function closures
62 Object closures
63 Block scope using IIFE

Window and Document Object Model - DOM
64 Window object
65 Set timeout and set interval
66 DOM write set create elements
67 Finding elements in the DOM using selectors

jQuery Basics
68 jQuery bootstrap setup
69 Targeting all elements using jQuery
70 Targeting and removing class id
71 Applying custom CSS targeting properties and adding HTML
72 Remove append and clone
73 Target parent child even and odd
74 jQuery or plain vanila JavaScript
75 Handling events with jQuery
76 Ajax request to external API
77 Ajax response - Object or array
78 Display Ajax response on the UI
79 Geolocation data

jQuery Project - News Of The Day App
80 News of the day app
81 Preparing HTML markup
82 Adding CSS styling
83 Making AJAX call to API and getting random item
84 Populating data to the UI and add tweet feature
85 Add clickable link to the news title
86 Go live with github pages
87 News Of The Day App - Source Code

jQuery Project - Weather App
88 Local weather app
89 Preparing HTML markup
90 Adding CSS styling
91 Get Latitude and Longitude from navigator geolocation
92 Ajax request to the weather API
93 Storing response data to variables
94 Populating data to the UI - part one
95 Populating data to the UI - part two
96 Dynamic image background based on data
97 Weather App - Source Code

jQuery Project - Wiki Live Search App
98 Wiki live search app setup
99 Making AJAX call on each keyup event
100 Implementing live search result
101 Embed iframe with AJAX content
102 Wiki Live Search App - Source Code
103 What is next

EcmaScript 6 - ES6
104 Preparing yourself for ES6
105 ES6 let and const
106 Arrow functions
107 Default parameters
108 Rest and spread operators
109 Destructuring
110 Concise object literal
111 ES6 classes
112 Promises explained
113 Template strings
114 ES6 string methods

React Js - Installation and folder structure
115 Prepare yourself for React Js
116 Getting started with React via CDN
117 Zero configuration setup using create-react-app
118 Introduction to folder structure
119 Useful links for further studying and reference

Core React Fundamentals with ES6
120 What is class in React
121 Create your first React component
122 What is special about const
123 Complex JavaScript in JSX
124 Object key and import export
125 ES6 Arrow Function
126 Class Constructor
127 Setting up local state with constructor
128 this Keyword console and React chrome extension
129 Adding onclick events and binding methods
130 Unidirectional data flow updating the state
131 Code refactoring using ES6
132 Synthetic events to get user input
133 Higher order function search implementation
134 ES6 Destructuring
135 Destructuring and controlled components
136 Splitting components using props
137 Splitting components using props - part two
138 Composable components
139 Reusable components
140 Different ways of creating components
141 Functional stateless components
142 Using React bootstrap package
143 Useful links for further studying and reference

Styling With React Bootstrap
144 Styling form
145 Styling searchbox
146 Styling the table component
147 Useful links for further studying and reference

API Server side search Client side caching and more
148 Lifecycle methods in React
149 Template strings to build fetch url
150 Fetch the real news from API
151 ES6 spread operator
152 Object assign vs spread operator
153 Conditional rendering
154 Server side search implementation
155 Load more button to fetch more data from API
156 Styling and adjustments
157 Adding new data with old data
158 Fetch hits per page from API
159 Client side cache
160 Remove item using searchkey
161 Lightning fast page load using local state
162 Fixing layout
163 Useful links for further studying and reference

Code organization and Refactoring
164 Import export constants
165 What is prop types in React
166 Explicit proptypes
167 Refs and the DOM
168 Loading indicator
169 Useful links for further studying and reference

Higher Order Components and Advance Sorting
170 Higher order components
171 Sorting with lodash
172 Sort by on each click
173 Styling sort buttons
174 Reverse sorting
175 Active sort button
176 Useful links for further studying and reference

Lifting State
177 Converting to class component
178 Lifting the state
179 Set state using function
180 Passing function to set state
181 Higher order function to set state
182 Useful links for further studying and reference

Managing Components
183 Moving components to separate folders part one
184 Moving components to separate folders part two

React Router 4
185 React router dom
186 Component based navigation system
187 Active navigation link
188 Useful links for further studying and reference

Deploy To Github Pages
189 Deploy to github pages
190 Useful links for further studying and reference

How to use source code and install app locally
191 How to use source code and install app locally
192 Useful links for further studying and reference