JavaScript HTML5 APIs

JavaScript HTML5 APIs

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Explore the power of the browser. You’ll learn all the major APIs that were introduced in the HTML5 specification and beyond, to give you the full knowledge you need to build any application you can dream of.

  • What / Why / How DOM
  • DOM nodes and elements
  • DOM queries
  • Understanding nodes
  • JS Programming Applications
  • Dynamic templating
  • Events and elements
  • Forms and Validation
Table of Contents

1 Project Setup and Install
2 Feature Detecting the Drag and Drop API
3 Declaring a Draggable Element
4 Active States with Drag Enter and Leave Events
5 Drag Over and Drop Effects
6 Binding Drop Events
7 Passing DOM Node Data via Drag Start Events
8 Dragging Files into the Drop Zone
9 Improving Drag UX on the Document
10 Restricting Specific File Types
11 Using FileReader to Render Thumbnails
12 Appending Files to FormData Objects
13 POST a FormData Object to Node.js
14 Uploading Files from
15 Feature Detecting the Notification API
16 Using Notification.requestPermission() with Async/Await
17 Creating a new Notification() Factory
18 Safety Checking the Notification.permission Property
19 Focusing Browser Tabs after Notification Click Events