The Complete JavaScript Course – Beginner to Professional

The Complete JavaScript Course – Beginner to Professional
The Complete JavaScript Course – Beginner to Professional
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 44KHz 2ch | 33.5 Hours | 4.23 GB

The only course you need to become a JavaScript developer - 45 JavaScript projects, ES6, JSON, AJAX & much more!

This course has everything you need to become a professional JavaScript developer!

With over 33 hours of training, quizzes and challenges, it's the most comprehensive JavaScript course available on Udemy!

Whether you want a career in front end or back end development - it's essential that you have a solid understanding of this versatile language!

Come learn the #1 programming language in the world in this fun and exciting course with Laurence Svekis - a web developer with 18 years experience who has followed Rob Percival's "learn by doing" style to create this amazing course.

Build 45 Games, Web Apps and Websites with JavaScript

You'll go from beginner to extremely high-level and your instructor will complete each project with you step by step on screen.

Inside the course, you'll build a Magic Eight Ball game, mini calculator, a Calorie Counter app, a geo-located Google Map, a functioning online store and much much more!

You'll learn how to:

  • Use logic statements to make decisions within your code
  • Save time writing the same thing over and over again with JavaScript Loops
  • Use JavaScript Functions to build mini programs to selectively execute code
  • Make your webpages comes to life with Interactive Content
  • Connect to HTML5 elements & newer API's
  • Make your code more efficient with Regex
  • Handle data and updating page content without page refreshes using JSON and AJAX
  • Build faster with the new ECMA6 version of JavaScript.
  • Gain a strong foundation in Javascript so you’ll be ready to move up to frameworks like Angular and Node.js
Table of Contents

Getting Started with JavaScript
1 Introduction to the Complete JavaScript Course
2 Setup JavaScript
3 JavaScript and HTML
4 Add JavaScript to your WebPage
5 First JavaScript
6 Console debug
7 JavaScript Comments
8 Practice Exercise
9 Exercise Source Code
10 Source Code JavaScript File

JavaScript Essentials
11 Introduction to JavaScript Essentials
12 Primitive Data types
13 JavaScript Variables
14 Data Type Tips
15 Exercise Prompt
16 Arithmetic operators
17 Assignment operators
18 Comparison operators
19 Logical operators
20 Source Code

JavaScript Multiple Values
21 Introduction to JavaScript Multiple Value Containers
22 JavaScript Arrays
23 Source Code 1
24 Exercise ToDo List
25 Array properties
26 Task List Source Code
27 Array type
28 Exercise guessing game
29 Source Code Game Source
30 Modify the Array
31 Source Code Arrays
32 Exercise Update Array
33 Source Code array updates
34 Array Access Methods
35 Exercise remover
36 Source Code Array Remover
37 Multidimensional Array
38 Source Code Nested Array
39 Array Loop
40 Source Code Looping array items
41 JavaScript Objects
42 Retrieve Data
43 Source Code JavaScript Objects
44 Update Objects
45 Loop Objects
46 Source Code Loop Objects
47 Objects and Arrays

Document Object Model Basics
48 Introduction to Document Object Model Basics
49 Intro to the DOM
50 Closer Look at the DOM
51 Dynamic Content
52 Selecting Updating Exercise
53 Manipulate innerHTML
54 Source Code
55 Prompt and DOM

JavaScript Logic Statements
56 Introduction JavaScript Logic Statements
57 Conditional Ternary Operator
58 Ternary Operator source code
59 If Statement
60 Source Code If Statement
61 Else if Statement
62 Source Code Else
63 Switch Statement
64 Switch Source Code
65 If statement coin toss
66 Coin Toss Exercise source code
67 Magic 8 Ball Switch
68 Magic 8 Ball Source Code
69 Rock Paper Scissors
70 Rock Paper Scissors Game
71 Rock Paper Scissors Source Code

JavaScript Loops
72 Introduction to JavaScript Loops
73 Do Loops
74 Source Code Do While
75 JavaScript While Loops
76 Source Code Code Cracking
77 JavaScript For loops
78 Source Code
79 Nested Loops
80 Source Code for nested loops
81 Break and Continue
82 Break source code
83 Get Multiples
84 Source Code for Multiples
85 Loops and Arrays
86 Source Code for loops and arrays
87 Loop and Objects
88 Source Code Objects
89 Shopping List Array Exercise
90 JavaScript Shopping list builder

JavaScript Functions
91 Introduction to JavaScript Functions
92 Introduction to Functions
93 Returns and Local Variables
94 Function returns source code
95 Random Name Generator
96 Random Name Generator Source Code
97 JavaScript Calculator
98 Source Code JavaScript Calculator
99 Source Code JS calculator
100 No argument options
101 Source Code for Function
102 Code Cracking Game
103 Source Code for Code cracking game
104 Anonymous Functions
105 Self invoking functions
106 Self invoking function source
107 Recursive Function Game
108 Source Code Word guessing game
109 Shuffle array function
110 Shuffle array source code
111 Function scope
112 Exercise remove Duplicates
113 Remove Duplicates from arrays source
114 Functions within functions
115 Functions within functions source code
116 Exercise Shopping List
117 Shopping List Source Code
118 Function callbacks
119 Source Code Callbacks
120 Exercise Callback calculator
121 Exercise Card Deck
122 Source Code Card Deck
123 Deal deck of cards
124 Tweak Exercise Local Scope
125 Source Code Exercise Tweak

Interactive Content JavaScript DOM and More
126 Introduction to Interactive Content
127 Windows Browser Object
128 Windows History
129 Windows Object Methods
130 Windows Objects Source Code
131 Window SetTimeOut Method
132 Source Window SetTimeOut Method
133 Windows Navigator Object
134 Source Windows Navigator Object
135 Windows Location Object
136 DOM traversing
137 Source DOM traversing
138 This DOM element
139 Source This DOM element
140 Event Handler Code
141 Source Event Handler Code
142 Onload Event Handler
143 Source Onload Event Handler
144 Mouse Event Handlers
145 Source Mouse Event Handlers
146 Event Target Form Content
147 Source Event Target Form Content
148 Onchange and Onblur
149 Source Onchange and Onblur
150 Placeholder Image Generator
151 Source Placeholder Image Generator
152 Build an Image Carousel
153 Source Build an Image Carousel
154 Key Event Return Boolean
155 Source Key Event Return Boolean
156 Onsubmit Form Validation
157 Source Onsubmit Form Validation
158 Drag and Drop Elements
159 Source Drag and Drop Elements
160 Name Game Setup
161 Source Name Game Setup
162 Create Game Play
163 Source Create Game Play
164 Gameplay Overview
165 Source Gameplay Overview

JavaScript Dynamic Web with the DOM
166 Introduction to Dynamic Web
167 Traversing the DOM
168 Get Elements Id and TagName
169 Source Get Elements Id and TagName
170 Get Elements By ClassName
171 Source Get Elements By ClassName
172 Elements Click Handler
173 Source Elements Click Handler
174 QuerySelector Element Selection
175 Source QuerySelector Element Selection
176 QuerySelectorAll Element Selector
177 Source QuerySelectorAll Element Selector
178 Manipulating Element Style
179 Source Element Style
180 Popup Modal using JavaScript
181 Source Popup Modal using JavaScript
182 Adding and Removing Classes
183 Source Adding and Removing Classes
184 Build JavaScript Accordion
185 Source Build JavaScript Accordion
186 Manipulating Attributes
187 Source Manipulating Attributes
188 Use Custom Attributes
189 Source Use Custom Attributes
190 Creating New Elements
191 Source Creating New Elements
192 Friend Vote List Builder
193 Source Friend Vote List Builder
194 JavaScript Shopping List
195 Source JavaScript Shopping List
196 Event Listeners on Elements
197 Source Event Listeners on Elements
198 Multiple Event Listeners
199 Source Multiple Event Listeners
200 DOM Event Flow
201 Source DOM Event Flow
202 Select Event Listener
203 Source Select Event Listener
204 Event Listener ListMaker
205 Source Event Listener ListMaker
206 Dynamic List Editor
207 Source Dynamic List Editor

Built-in JavaScript
208 Introduction to Built-In JavaScript methods
209 New Window Open
210 Global JavaScript Methods
211 Source Global JavaScript Methods
212 JavaScript String Methods
213 Source JavaScript String Methods
214 String Manipulation
215 Source String Manipulation
216 String Method Replace
217 Source String Method Replace
218 Word Scramble Guessing Game
219 Source Word Scramble Guessing Game
220 JavaScript Math Object
221 Source JavaScript Math Object
222 JavaScript Date Object
223 Source JavaScript Date Object
224 Countdown Timer
225 Source Countdown Timer
226 Color Matching Game
227 Source Color Matching Game
228 Create User Interaction
229 Source Create User Interaction
230 Bug Fixes and Tweaks
231 Source Bug Fixes and Tweaks
232 Debugging Try Catch Throw
233 Source Debugging Try Catch Throw
234 Hit a Computer Game
235 Source Hit a Computer Game
236 Scoring Complete App
237 Source Scoring Complete App

Intermediate JavaScript
238 Introduction to Intermediate JavaScript
239 Regular Expressions
240 Form Validation with Regex Part 1
241 Form Validation with Regex Part 2
242 Source Code RegEx
243 Find and Replace RegEx object
244 Source Find and Replace RegEx object
245 Create an Email Extractor
246 Source Create an Email Extractor
247 RegEx Methods and more
248 Source RegEx Methods and more
249 JavaScript Cookies Creation
250 JavaScript Cookies Reading
251 Source JavaScript Cookies Reading
252 IIFE immediately-invoked function
253 Source IIFE immediately-invoked function
254 Arrays with arguments
255 Source Arrays with arguments
256 Function Recursion
257 Source Function Recursion
258 JavaScript Hoisting
259 Source JavaScript Hoisting
260 Use Strict Mode
261 Source Use Strict Mode
262 Common Errors
263 Source Common Errors
264 GamePlay Setup Values
265 Source GamePlay Setup Values
266 Build Game Components
267 Source Build Game Components
268 Adding Match Checking
269 Source Adding Match Checking
270 Helper Functions Lockouts
271 Source Helper Functions Lockouts
272 Debugging and Tweaks
273 Source Debugging and Tweaks

HTML5 JavaScript
274 Introduction to HTML5 JavaScript
275 Local File Reader
276 Source Code Local File Reader
277 GeoLocation get Position
278 Source GeoLocation get Position
279 Google Map API
280 Source Google Map API
281 LocalStorage Counter
282 Source LocalStorage Counter
283 JSON Stringify and Parse
284 Source JSON Stringify and Parse
285 Build HTML item list
286 Source Build HTML item list
287 Add Event Handlers get Data
288 Source Add Event Handlers get Data
289 Build Shopping Cart
290 Source Build Shopping Cart
291 Count Quantity of Items
292 Source Count Quantity of Items
293 Shopping Cart Tweaks
294 Source Shopping Cart Tweaks
295 Drawing on Canvas
296 Dynamic Canvas Wording
297 Source Dynamic Canvas Wording
298 Canvas Images and Img Src
299 Source Canvas Images and Img Src
300 Canvas Animation with JavaScript
301 Source Canvas Animation with JavaScript
302 Canvas Image Uploads
303 Source Canvas Image Uploads
304 Draw on Canvas with Mouse
305 Source Draw on Canvas with Mouse
306 Save Dynamic Images
307 Source Save Dynamic Images

JSON and AJAX JavaScript
308 Introduction to JSON and AJAX JavaScript
309 JSON JavaScript Object Notation
310 Source Code
311 Parse String into Object
312 Update Data Add to List
313 Source Update Data Add to List
314 Toggle Values Ternary Operators
315 Source Toggle Values Ternary Operators
316 Local Storage Stringify Parse
317 Source Local Storage Stringify Parse
318 Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
319 Source Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
320 Party List App using AJAX
321 Source Party List App using AJAX
322 Connect to API endpoint return data
323 Source Connect to API endpoint return data
324 Create Random Letter Order
325 Source Create Random Letter Order
326 Exercise Solution Guess Check
327 Source Exercise Solution Guess Check
328 AJAX Post Data and Receive Response
329 Source AJAX Post Data and Receive Response
330 Youtube API Search using AJAX
331 Source Youtube API Search using AJAX
332 Display Youtube Search Results
333 Source Display Youtube Search Results
334 Google API Services
335 JSON AJAX Practice Exercise
336 Source JSON AJAX Practice Exercise
337 Dynamic Quiz using AJAX
338 Source Dynamic Quiz using AJAX
339 Event Handlers and Adding Classes
340 Source Event Handlers and Adding Classes
341 Quiz Bug fixes and Tweaks
342 Source Quiz Bug fixes and Tweaks

Whats new ECMAScript 6
343 Introduction to Whats new ECMAScript 6
344 Introduction to ES6
345 Source Code
346 Let and Const Block Level
347 Source Code 2
348 Object and Array Values
349 Source Code 3
350 ECMA6 String Methods
351 String methods Source Code
352 BackTicks for Strings
353 Source Backticks
354 Replacing Values in a String
355 Strings Source
356 New with Functions
357 Source Code Functions
358 Function Rest Parameters
359 Source Rest Parameters
360 ES6 Functions Fat Arrows
361 Source Fat arrows
362 Destructuring Objects and Arrays
363 Source Objects and Arrays
364 Generators and Iterators
365 Source Generators and Iterators
366 ES6 Sets and Data Structure
367 Source Sets
368 ES6 Map and Data Structure
369 Source Maps
370 ES6 Arrays Find
371 Source Find
372 ES6 and Arrays
373 Source Arrays
374 Class Constructors
375 Class Constructor Source
376 Promises and Then AJAX
377 JavaScript promises

JavaScript InAction
378 Introduction to JavaScript in Action
379 Calorie Counter Input Setup
380 Source Code Project Setup
381 Select Form Input Values
382 Source Values
383 Add Calorie Calculation
384 Source Calorie Calculator

JavaScript Next Steps
385 Overview JavaScript Next Steps
386 Course Outline
387 Resources
388 Course Conclusion