JavaScript: Complete JavaScript foundation & Object Oriented

JavaScript: Complete JavaScript foundation & Object Oriented
JavaScript: Complete JavaScript foundation & Object Oriented
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JavaScript : Complete bundle of Javascript foundation and Javascript object oriented

In this JavaScript course, you will learn javascript from scratch. This course includes foundation and intermediate level training of javascript up to object oriented javascript. I have divided the course in two sections : Foundation and Object Oriented. So if you are complete newbie in JavaScript, you will get to know a lot in this course. And if you are familiar with basic javascript, then object oriented is your part. But I would recommend you to start from lecture 1 as I have explained everything in deep so you can revise and redefine your skills.

This course consists, basic javascript, variables, operators, control statements, loops, arrays, functions and everything about object oriented javascript.

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Table of Contents

1.Introduction and Basics
Introduction to Javascript
Where to write javascript?
Variables and Data types
Single line and Multi line comments
Using external javascripts

2. Data Types
More to know in data types
What is string and how to write string in javascript?

3. Operators
Operators in JavaScript Part 1
Operators in JavaScript Part 2
Operators in JavaScript Part 3
Operators in JavaScript Part 4
Operators in JavaScript Part 5
Operators in JavaScript Part 6

4. Flow of control
Conditional Statements
Learning Switch case
While loop
do while loop
for loop
for in loop
Skipping and Ending Itrations

5. Functions
What are the functions in javascript?
How to get value from a function?
How to call a function outside javascript?

6. Pop boxes in Javascript
Alert box
Confirm box
Prompt box

7. Objects in Javascript
What are objects?
Create an object directly
Create objects using function without arguments
Create objects using function with arguments

8. Date object in JavaScript
Using date object in Javascript
setDate() method in Date() object

9. String object in JavaScript
Using string object and methods in Javascript

10. Array Object in JavaScript
What is array and array object?
concat() method
join() method
sort() and reverse() methods
push and pop method in array object

11. Math Object in JavaScript
Math object and its methods

12. Window Object in JavaScript
open() method in window object
close() method in window object
location() method in window object

13. Location Object in JavaScript
Introduction to location object
Properties and methods in location object

14. Navigator Object in JavaScript
Properties in navigator object

15. Timing Object in JavaScript
Introduction to timing object
Live example setTimeout() and clearTimeout()
Live example setInterval() and clearInterval()

16. Screen Object in JavaScript
Introduction to screen object

17. Event Object in JavaScript
Introduction to event object
event.button property

18. Event Handling in JavaScript
Introduction to event handling
onclick event handler
onerror event handler