JavaScript: Closures

JavaScript: Closures

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Closures—a core concept for intermediate and advanced JavaScript developers—can be challenging for many developers to wrap their heads around. In this concise course, Sasha Vodnik breaks down this essential concept, explaining what closures are and how to use them in JavaScript. Sasha steps through the building blocks of closures and identifies what they look like in code. He also shares how to avoid unintended closures, use JavaScript features in place of closures, and implement the module pattern.

Table of Contents

1 Using closures in JavaScript
2 What you should know
3 Environment setup and exercise files

Building Blocks of Closures
4 Local and global scope
5 Nesting functions
6 Return a value from an inner function
7 Create parallel closures

Creating and Using Closures
8 Implement the module pattern
9 Avoid unintended closures
10 Use JS features in place of closures

11 Continuing to learn closures