JavaScript Bootcamp – Build Real World Applications

JavaScript Bootcamp – Build Real World Applications
JavaScript Bootcamp – Build Real World Applications
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JavaScript from basic to advanced level. Project – based JavaScript course. JavaScript ES6 guide. Including JSON & AJAX

If you want to start learning programming or you already have some basic knowledge, than you are in the right place. This course gives you a chance to take your knowledge to the next level. You will start from very basics and reach to the most advanced level.

Let’s actually talk about what the course covers…


JavaScript Basics / Intermediate:

You will learn the very basics of this programming language, like how to write JavaScript, what kind of syntax it has. what kind of data types JavaScript uses, functions, conditionals, objects, loops and etc. At the end of the section you will be able to build your very first basic JavaScript application — ‘Digital Clock’, to write the coding task and then check your knowledge with a quiz.

JavaScript Behind The Scenes:

In this section you will be able to learn how JavaScript actually works behind the scenes. If you want to be a real JavaScript developer, than you definitely need to truly understand how the code actually works, how the JavaScript engine executes and runs the code. You will cover very important topics, such as global execution context and global object, what is execution stack, scope and scope chain, hoisting, the special variable ‘this’ and etc. At the end of the section you will check your knowledge using a quiz.

Document Object Model (DOM):

You will learn how to manipulate on individual and multiple elements, how to change the web page content, how to style the elements using JavaScript and much more. In that section you will build your next project — ‘Note Manager’, which will be more complex and interesting than the previous one. At the end of the section you will have a chance to check your knowledge again using quiz.

Advanced JavaScript:

This is the section where you will feel confident in JavaScript, because you will be able to learn and understand the most advanced concepts in JavaScript. You will cover the following topics: function constructors, prototypal inheritance, prototype chain, first-class functions, closures and much more…

Advanced JavaScript Project – Quiz Application:

When you reach to this point, you will be able to build the most advanced real world application using pure JavaScript. You will learn how to write a real world app using object-oriented JavaScript, you will have a chance to know how to organize, structure and make safer your code using JavaScript Patterns.

Next Generation JavaScript:

At the end of the course you will be able to get familiar with the latest updates of JavaScript. You will learn about the next version of JavaScript, ES6 or ECMAScript2015. The topics that you will cover are the following: Get familiar with Array helpers, let/const block-level variable declarations, arrow functions, template strings, default parameters, spread operator, rest parameter, destructuring, classes and much much more…

JavaScript Interview Questions:

The last section of the course will help you to get ready for your JavaScript interview. In this part you you will meet commonly asked JavaScript questions and the relevant answers on them.

Table of Contents

JavaScript Essentials
1 Introduction
2 Variables and Data Types – Part 2
3 Operators
4 Comparison Operators
5 Type Coercion
6 Conditional Statements
7 Else If Statement And Logical Operators
8 Coding Task 1
9 Coding Task 1 – Solution
10 How to Watch Lectures in High Quality
11 Section Introduction
12 Download Source Code
13 What Is JavaScript
14 Setup
15 How To Write JavaScript
16 JavaScript Syntax
17 Variables and Data Types – Part 1

From Basics To Intermediate JavaScript
18 Section Introduction
19 Date Object
20 Date Object – Digital Clock Project
21 Coding Task 2
22 Coding Task 2 – Solution
23 Functions – Part 1
24 Functions – Part 2
25 Arrays – Part 1
26 Arrays – Part 2
27 Objects – Part 1
28 Objects – Part 2
29 Loops – Part 1
30 Loops – Part 2

JavaScript Behind The Scenes
31 Section Introduction
32 JavaScript Behind The Scenes – Introduction
33 Global Execution Context And Global Object
34 Execution Context And Execution Stack
35 Scope And Scope Chain
36 Hoisting
37 Objects VS Primitives
38 The Special Keyword ‘this’

Document Object Model (DOM)
39 Section Introduction
40 DOM Styles And Classes
41 Events – Part 1
42 Events – Part 2
43 Events – Part 3
44 Get And Set Attributes
45 DOM Navigation
46 Creating Elements
47 Project – Coding Task 3
48 Project – Coding Task 3 – Solution
49 Project – Edit And Delete Items – Part 1
50 DOM – Introduction
51 Project – Edit And Delete Items – Part 2
52 Project – Hide Notes
53 Project – Search Filter
54 Get Ready
55 Get and Manipulate On Individual Element – Part 1
56 Get and Manipulate On Individual Element – Part 2
57 Get and Manipulate On Multiple Elements – Part 1
58 Get and Manipulate On Multiple Elements – Part 2
59 Get and Manipulate On Multiple Elements – Part 3
60 DOM Styles

Advanced JavaScript
61 Section Introduction
62 Closures
63 call(), apply() and bind()
64 Everything Is An Object
65 Function Constructor
66 Prototype – Object Function
67 Function Constructors And Prototypes
68 Object.create()
69 First – Class Functions – Part 1
70 First – Class Functions – Part 2
71 Immediately Invoked Function Expression (IIFE)

72 JSON Introduction

Project – The Quiz Application
74 Section Introduction
75 Add Inputs Dynamically
76 Create Question List
77 Edit Questions
78 Update Questions – Part 1
79 Update Questions – Part 2
80 Delete Questions
81 Clear Question List
82 Display Questions
83 Display Progress
84 Check Answer
85 Project Overview
86 Instant Answer
87 Proceed The Quiz
88 Add Person
89 Get Full Name
90 Final Result
91 Create Result List
92 Delete Result
93 Clear Results
94 Get Ready
95 Module Pattern
96 Browser Local Storage
97 Add Questions – Part 1
98 Add Questions – Part 2
99 Add Questions – Part 3
100 Add Questions – Part 4

Next Generation JavaScript
101 Section Introduction
102 Arrow Functions – Part 2
103 Arrays In ES6
104 Default Parameters
105 Spread Operator
106 Rest Parameter
107 Destructuring
108 Map and Set
109 Classes
110 Array Helpers – forEach()
111 Array Helpers – map()
112 Array Helpers – filter() find()
113 Array Helpers – every() some()
114 Array Helpers – reduce()
115 let const Variable Declarations
116 Template Strings
117 Arrow Functions – Part 1

JavaScript Interview Questions
118 Section Introduction
119 Interview Questions

120 Bonus Lecture Check Out