Ultimate JavaScript Arrays

Ultimate JavaScript Arrays
Ultimate JavaScript Arrays
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Master every aspect of JavaSript arrays, one of the most important elements in one of the most powerful languages!

How much is not understanding JavaScript arrays costing you every day?

This is the ONLY course designed to FULLY appraise you of EVERYTHING array-related in JavaScript!

Before this course is over, you’ll learn….

  • How to create, edit, delete and access array elements
  • How to filter, map, reduce and sort arrays
  • How to use D3.js and Lodash.js

I’ve spared no expense to create the MAXIMUM number of quizzes and coding exercises possible! It is literally impossible not to understand JavaScript arrays after watching the videos and completing the exercises. Add to this the handouts included in EVERY CHAPTER and you have a recipe for learning of epic proportions.

This course includes EIGHT action-packed chapters including…

  • All About Arrays
  • Iterating Over Arrays
  • Working with D3 and Lodash
  • Working with the Spread and Rest Operator
  • Sorting Arrays

If you want to take your JavaScript arrays, or just coding in general, to the next level, this is the course for YOU!

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Ultimate JavaScript Arrays
Live Explanation: Understanding Arrays
Introduction / Topics We’ll Be Covering
Who Is This Course For?
Before Beginning
Test Your Array Knowledge Before Starting

2. All About Arrays
What are Arrays?
What are References?
How Arrays Are Used In Real Life
What Makes a JavaScript Array Special?
Arrays Vs Objects in JavaScript
All About Arrays Quiz

3. Basic array technique
Creating Arrays
Create an Array in JavaScript
Accessing Array Elements
Return the Second Element of an Array
Adding Elements to An Array
Add an Element to An Array
Modifying Array Elements
Modifying Array Elements
Using Strings as Indexes
Removing Array Elements
Remove an Element from An Array
Basic Array Technique Basics

4. Array Iteration and Reduction
Introduction to Array Iteration and Reduction
Why Iterate over Arrays?
Iterating Over Array Elements with a For Loop
For Each Loops
What Happens When You Change an Array While Looping Through It?
While Loops
Array Filters
Filter an Array
Array Maps
Array Reductions
Array Reduction: Every, Some and Find
Array Reduction: Includes
Chaining Array Methods
Reduce an Array to Its Sum
Iteration Examination

5. Sorting Arrays
Introduction to Sorting Arrays
Why Sort Arrays?
Sorting Arrays
Sort An Array
Conclusion to Sorting Arrays
Sorting Strain

6. ES6 Array Operators
Introduction / The Spread Operator
The Rest Operator
Rest Recollection & Spread Skills

7. JavaScript Array Manipulation Libraries
Introduction / What We’ll Cover
Lodash & Underscore
D3.js Primer
External Libraries Examination

8. Conclusion
Course Review
Continued Education
Thank You!
Map an Array
Ultimate Array Review