JSF 2.2 – Java Server Faces for Beginners – Build a DB App

JSF 2.2 – Java Server Faces for Beginners – Build a DB App
JSF 2.2 – Java Server Faces for Beginners – Build a DB App
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JSF 2.2 – Build a Real JSF Web Application that connects to a Database – Most Popular JSF course

What Is JSF?

Java Server Faces is a popular web application framework for Java. In fact, it is the standard web application framework for Java EE. Granted there are other web frameworks around, but most corporate Java positions expect Java developers to have experience with JSF since it is an integral part of Java EE.

Benefits of Taking This JSF Course

Knowing JSF can get you a job or improve the one you have. It’s a skill that will put you more in demand in the modern web development industry, and make your software life easier, that’s why it’s so popular and backed by Oracle.

This course will help you quickly get up to speed with JSF. I will demystify JSF and help you understand the essential concepts to build a real JSF web application from scratch.

Build a Real JSF Application from Scratch

This JSF course is project based and you will build a fully functioning JSF web application from scratch.

We start off with a brief overview of JSF. Then I show you how to setup your development for JSF by installing Tomcat and Eclipse. Next, you learn how to use the standard JSF UI components for reading HTML form data and displaying output text.

Advanced coverage includes how to implement HTML form validation. I also show you how to display information in tables.

Finally, the course includes JSF and JDBC database integration. You learn how to leverage JDBC queries, inserts, updates and deletes in a JSF application.

At the end of this JSF course, you will have a fully functional JSF application that connects to a database. You can use this application as a starting point for your project.

All of the source code and database scripts are provided.

You Will Learn How To

  • Build a fully functioning JSF web application from scratch
  • Set up your JSF development environment with Tomcat and Eclipse
  • Read HTML form data with JSF
  • Perform HTML form validation with built-in and custom rules
  • Integrate Managed Beans to handle business logic
  • Display data using tables
  • Add database support with JDBC: query, insert, update and delete
  • Build a complete database web app with JDBC
Table of Contents

Course Introduction
1 Introduction
2 Download Source Code
3 Download PDF of Slides
4 Closed Captions and Subtitles Available for English

Getting Started With JSF
5 JSF Overview
6 JSF Hello World – Part 1
7 JSF Hello World – Part 2
8 JSF Hello World – Part 3
9 Typo Correction Can’t find facelet tag library for uri httpxmlns.jcp.orgjs
10 Setting Up the Development Environment Overview
11 Installing Tomcat on Windows
12 Installing Tomcat on Mac
13 Installing Eclipse on Windows
14 Installing Eclipse on Mac
15 Connecting Eclipse to Tomcat
16 FAQ HELP! – Can’t Start Tomcat – Ports are in Use!
17 JSF Behind the Scenes

Reading User Input with HTML Forms
18 HTML Forms Overview
19 JSF Forms and Managed Beans
20 Drop-Down Lists – Part 1
21 Drop-Down Lists – Part 2
22 Radio Buttons
23 Checkboxes
24 Pre-populating JSF Forms

Validating HTML Forms
25 JSF Validation Features – Overview
26 Configuring Required Fields – Part 1
27 Configuring Required Fields – Part 2
28 Validating Number Range and Length
29 Validating with Regular Expressions
30 Implementing Custom Validation

Implementing Business Logic with Managed Beans
31 Calling Methods on Managed Bean from JSF Page
32 Managed Bean Scopes – Part 1
33 Managed Bean Scopes – Part 2

Displaying Data using Lists and Tables
34 Displaying Data using Lists
35 Displaying Data using Tables
36 Applying CSS Styles to Tables

Build A Complete Database Web App with JDBC
37 Student Database Project Overview and Demo
38 Additional Resources – Design Patterns
39 JDBC – List Students
40 JDBC – Add a Student to the Database
41 JDBC – Update Student in the Database – Part 1
42 JDBC – Update Student in the Database – Part 2
43 JDBC – Delete a Student from the Database
44 JDBC Project Review
45 Download JDBC Source Code
46 Installing the MySQL Database on MS Windows
47 Installing the MySQL Database on Mac
48 Setting up our Project Database with Sample Data
49 Setup Tomcat Connection Pool
50 HEADS UP – Changes for new version of MySQL 8
51 Sample Application Architecture – Part 1
52 Sample Application Architecture – Part 2

53 Thank You and Please Leave a Rating for the course

Bonus – Deploying To Tomcat using WAR files
54 Bonus – Deploying To Tomcat using WAR files

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57 FAQ How to Import Eclipse Projects
58 FAQ How to add Search features to the JSF App