Java Puzzles to Eliminate Code Fear

Java Puzzles to Eliminate Code Fear

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The fastest way to actually master Java programming and become a dangerous developer! LAST UPDATED: November 2020 The motivation behind this course came from an article titled “Why Can’t Programmers Program?” by Jeff Atwood. It talks about how poorly many candidates perform in coding interviews. Surprisingly a large fraction of applicants, even those with masters’ degrees and phds in computer science, fail during interviews when asked to carry out basic programming tasks such as iterate over a loop and print numbers from 1 -10 . Or solve the common fizz buzz problem. And I’ve experienced this first hand when I interview candidates for software development positions. They could have an impressive academic background as well as experience in various technologies and software projects, but when posed with an interesting programming problem, their code falls apart. The fact is, you don’t need a college education to become a good programmer. Simply there is a big divide between people who can program and those that can’t. It’s my experience that the difference has to do with mastering the fundamental building blocks of programming. And that’s basically method level coding and the mastery of topics like string manipulation, lists, loops, logic and recursion. These are fundamental granular components shared by all programming languages. Think of these as the tools a programmer can use to solve problems. And you really gotta know your tools well to be proficient at the craft! You can’t learn programming by reading books. The fact is you just need a lot of practice. If you want to be a superb programmer, you have to program a lot and work on solving challenging problems that stretch your capabilities. This course offers a systematic and structured way for you to acquire that practice using only a subset of the java language without getting side tracked in other areas of software development. Every concept comes with a coding challenge. I ask you to try solving the challenge on your own before I go over the solution in detail. This approach has worked time and time again for my students. What you’ll learn
  • tackle any programming problem and once and for all have a command over the coding profession
  • apply razor sharp logic skills you learned in the course to tackle any coding challenges that come your way
  • gain massive confidence to rock coding interviews and be a dangerous programmer in the industry
+ Table of Contents

Basics of Programming in Java
1 Course Structure
2 How to Setup your development environment
3 Basics of Java Programming & the Main Method
4 IMPORTANT – Download the Assignments Here!
5 Basics of String Manipulation + Assignment
6 String Manipulation Continued + Solution
7 Conditionals & Program Flow + Assignment & Solution
8 Using While Loops + Assignment & Solution
9 Using For Loops + Assignment & Solution
10 Nested For Loops & Using the Eclipse debugger
11 Using Arrays + Assignment & Solution
12 Introducing Recursion + Assignment
13 Recursion Continued + Solution

Programming Puzzles
14 Download Assignments Here. IMPORTANT!!
15 Watch Before Moving Forward – IMPORTANT !
16 Logic Centric Puzzles + Solutions
17 More Logic Centric Puzzles + Solutions
18 Concluding Logic Puzzles + Solutions
19 Looping Puzzles + Solutions
20 Looping Puzzles Continued + Solutions
21 Recursion Puzzles
22 More Recursion Puzzles

Advanced Recursion Coding Challenges

Object Oriented Programming in Java
23 Class And Object
24 Program Flow
25 Java Behind The Scenes
26 Application Runtime
27 Class Inheritance
28 Interfaces and Abstractions
29 Abstract Classes

Basic Data Structures You Should Learn
30 Abstract Data Types (Newly Added)
31 Stacks
32 Stacks (HW Solution)
33 Queues
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