Java Integration with .NET Framework

Java Integration with .NET Framework
Java Integration with .NET Framework
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Are you interested in learning how to use .NET components within a Java environment? In this course, discover how to use Javonet—a framework that was designed for native integration—to access and use .NET assemblies directly from a Java platform. Reynald Adolphe discusses the purpose and significance of integrating Java with .NET, shares integration options, and goes over the challenges and benefits of native integration. He also covers using .NET C# instance and status methods from Java, working with fields and properties, embedding .NET UI controls in a Java interface, and more.

Topics include:

  • Installing IDEs and Javonet
  • Why should Java and .NET integrate?
  • Challenges and benefits of native integration
  • When to consider using native integration
  • Using .NET C# instance methods from Java
  • Using .NET enums in your Java project
  • Subscribing .NET events from Java
  • Fields and properties
  • Debugging .NET code called from Java
  • Reviewing real-world scenarios