Java for Humans: Introduction to Programming

Java for Humans: Introduction to Programming
Java for Humans: Introduction to Programming
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Start creating Java apps in minutes — no previous experience necessary.

Java for Humans is a course designed with the complete beginner in mind. No previous programming experience is required. You — yes, you! — can start programming today.

Whether you want to learn how to write code for fun, or to get ahead in your career, this course will help you achieve your goals.

All instruction is in plain, simple English. No technical jargon or complicated terms to memorize. Learn as you code! If you’ve ever struggled to figure out a programming textbook, this course is designed with you in mind.

I hated those huge, clunky books and you know what? They never helped me learn a programming language — no matter how hard I tried. What finally helped me was an instructor who explained everything to me in plain terms.

In this course, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing for you!

I cover everything you, as a beginner, need to know. You’ll write 5 complete Java apps (and many smaller apps) along the way and we’ll have FUN learning Java together.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
1 Welcome to Java for Humans
2 Overview of Java in 3 Easy Steps
3 Notepad Installation Windows
4 Downloading the JDK Windows
5 Installing the JDK Windows
6 Setting Environment Variables Windows
7 Java Setup on Mac OS X
8 Java Setup on Linux Example Ubuntu

Program 1 Hello World
9 Hello World Code Attached
10 Hello World In-Depth Introduction
11 Hello World In-Depth The Class
12 Hello World In-Depth The Method
13 Hello World In-Depth System.out.println
14 Coding Challenge

Program 2 Age Calculator
15 Arithmetic Symbols
16 Creating an Integer int Variable
17 Performing Basic Arithmetic with Variables
18 Changing the Variable
19 More Common Data Types
20 Code Challenge 2 Variables
21 Creating an Age Calculator Program
22 Improving the Age Calc Basic Logic
23 Logic Operators and If Statements
24 Else Statements
25 Finishing the Age Calc Code Attached
26 Introduction to Arrays Casting
Test Your Knowledge QUIZ.html

Core Concepts 1
27 Commenting Your Code
28 Precedence
29 Operator Shortcuts a b etc.
30 The Magical Escape Character
31 Creating a Template File

Branching Looping
32 Branching with Switch
33 Dealing with Empty args
34 Looping with while
35 For Loops
36 Do While Loops

Program 3 Functional Calculator
37 First Steps to a Functional Calculator
38 Writing the Core Code
39 Dealing with Argument Input Errors
40 Handling Exceptions with try and catch Code Attached

Core Concepts 2
41 Creating and Using Arrays
42 Casting Variable Data
43 Math Rounding Numbers
44 Math Generating Random Numbers
45 Creating Another Method
46 Understanding Scope

Program 4 Tic Tac Toe Game
47 Tic Tac Toe Program Introduction
48 Getting User Input with Scanner
49 Creating Class Variables and Sub-Methods
50 Creating the main and drawBoard methods
51 Creating the setup method
52 Creating the game method
53 Creating the oppMove method
54 Creating the checkWin method
55 The Final Method Test Play Code Attached
56 Coding Challenge
Test Your Knowledge QUIZ.html

Core Concepts 3
57 Working with Multiple Classes
58 Instantiating Objects
59 Introduction to IDEs
60 NetBeans IDE Overview
61 Eclipse IDE Overview
62 Using Visual Studio for Java Programming
63 Generating JAR Files
64 Turning JAR file into an EXE with JSmooth

Program 5 The File Guru
65 Setting up the FileGuru Class
66 Setting up the Actions Class
67 The list Method
68 The read Method
69 The write Method
70 Error Handling in FileGuru Class
71 Finishing Touches Code Attached

Creating Graphical User Interfaces GUIs
72 Creating a Swing Window
73 Swing Buttons
74 Grids Layouts
75 Button Events
76 Keyboard Interaction
77 Mouse Interaction
78 Creating Dialog Boxes

Course Review
79 Congratulations
Final Exam.html