Java for Beginners in 2 hours: Build a Banking Application

Java for Beginners in 2 hours: Build a Banking Application
Java for Beginners in 2 hours: Build a Banking Application
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Learn Java core concepts and build an application all in just 2 hours.

This course is a total hands-on programming experience and has no power-point presentations. If we do something practically we tend to remember it for a long time. And that is the reason this course has been designed to get the best in you with all practical examples.

This course is suitable for students, programmers who are new to Java and want to get a quick understanding of the language and start building applications as early as possible.

This course is aimed at teaching maximum concepts in minimum time. There may be times when we want to get a grasp of any programming language in very short time. This course is a perfect for such situations as it requires only 2 hours of your time.

In these 2 hours you are going to learn all the core concepts which are commonly used like variables, data-types, conditional statements, looping statements, operators, methods, arrays and even Object-Oriented programming concepts like class, objects, constructors, inheritance, method overloading, method overriding etc and after all this you will also build a project.

The best part of this course is the Project(Banking Application) at the end as it covers almost all important concepts which have been taught in this course. So this will be a good refresher for students and will give them a concrete understanding of the concepts which they have learned.

At the end of this course students will get a clear idea of the Java language fundamentals and Object-Oriented concepts. Students will be able to build stand-alone Java applications confidently and also implement Object-Oriented concepts in their projects.

And again guys you get all this in just 2 hours. So lets do some coding.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Installation of Eclipse IDE and JDK
Writing a simple java program

2. Variables and Data-types
What is a variable
Primitive types and Reference types
Commonly used Data-types

3. Operators and Expressions
Arithmetic Operators (+, -, *, /, %)
Relational Operators (<, <=, >, >=) and Equality Operators (==, !=)
Logical Operators (AND, OR, NOT)

4. Control Flow Statements
If statement
If-else statement
Nested If and the else-if ladder
Switch statement
While Loop
Do-While Loop
For Loop

5. MethodsFunctions
Introduction to methods
Passing parameters to a method
Returning value from a method

6. Arrays
Introduction to arrays
Initializing an array
Searching for a value in an array

7. Object-Oriented Programming
Classes and Objects
Variable Scopes
Access Modifiers
Method Overloading
Method Overriding
static Members
final Members

8. Project Banking Application
Banking Application Part 1
Banking Application Part 2
Banking Application Part 3
Banking Application Part 4