Java for beginners: Step-by-step hands-on guide to Java

Java for beginners: Step-by-step hands-on guide to Java
Java for beginners: Step-by-step hands-on guide to Java
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Learn Java - one of the more popular programming languages in the world. Supercharge your career today as a programmer.

We are a group of coders and programmers ourselves. So we understand the importance of learning by doing. This course is jam-packed with practical demos, homework assignments and a lot of live coding which will help you immensely in grasping these complex topics. We begin by downloading and installing a free programming editor also known as an integrated development environment (IDE). The IDE is called Eclipse and is pretty popular amongst Java programmers. Then we will go through some basic and foundational concepts of the Java programming language. Many of these concepts also apply to other programming languages. After these core concepts – we will put things into high gear and talk about control flow statements which can help you write dynamic programs. We will discuss object-oriented programming and its various pillars. We will introduce you to important OOP concepts like objects, classes, inheritance, interfaces, and packages. Each discussion will focus on how these concepts relate to the real world, while simultaneously providing an introduction to the syntax of the Java programming language. The added power of OO programming which Java provides gives programmers a huge edge over the relative simplicity of procedural programming. OOP concepts make it easier for programmers to relate the code to the real world objects we see around us. Generally speaking, learning OOP could be very simple and complex at the same time. We strive to explain these essential concepts with the help of simple real world scenarios and exercises.

This course does not assume any prior programming or coding experience. It has been designed from the ground up – to take you through a spectrum of concepts, terms, and paradigms to give you a solid understanding of what Java programming is all about.

What You Will Learn

  • Install and run Java IDE and program with Java programming language
  • Understand various Types and Operators supported by Java programming language
  • Control flow statements to write dynamic programs in Java
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Classes, and Objects
  • GUI programming in Java
Table of Contents

01 Java for beginners - Overview
02 Java IDE and 'Hello, World!!'
03 What is Java
04 Java datatypes – Numbers
05 Arithmetic operators
06 Java datatypes - Booleans
07 Comparing numbers
08 Binary
09 Java datatypes - Strings
10 Java datatypes - Strings (contd.)
11 If - Else statement
12 Switch statement
13 Random values
14 User input
15 Loops
16 Loops (contd.)
17 Arrays
18 Sorting arrays
19 Multi-dimensional arrays
20 Solving problems with Google
21 Methods
22 Introduction to object oriented programming
23 Modifier types
24 OOP – Encapsulation
25 OOP - Encapsulation # 2
26 OOP - Encapsulation # 3
27 OOP – Abstraction
28 OOP - Abstraction # 2
29 OOP - Inheritance
30 OOP - Inheritance # 2
31 OOP - Polymorphism
32 OOP - Polymorphism # 2
33 Graphical user interface
34 Graphical user interface # 2
35 Final project
36 Final project # 2
37 Final project # 3