iOS Development: Siri Shortcuts

iOS Development: Siri Shortcuts
iOS Development: Siri Shortcuts
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Siri Shortcuts—which debuted with the release of iOS 12—helps users streamline their workflow by automating common tasks. It also leverages the power of machine learning to predict shortcuts based on a user’s recurring actions in different apps. Curious about how to implement Siri Shortcuts in your development workflow? In this course, Mohammad Azam helps you get up and running with this iOS feature, explaining how to implement Siri Shortcuts using NSUserActivity, as well as by creating custom intents. He shows how to add Siri Shortcuts to an existing application, use custom responses to enhance interactions with users, add Siri voice shortcuts, and more.

Topics include:

  • Creating shortcuts using the Shortcuts app
  • Implementing shortcuts using NSUserActivity
  • Adding an Intent Definition file
  • Donating intents
  • Developing a custom user interface for Siri Shortcuts
  • Returning custom responses
Table of Contents

1 Developing with Siri Shortcuts
2 What you should know
3 Using the exercise files

Understanding Siri Shortcuts
4 What are Siri Shortcuts
5 Creating shortcuts using Shortcuts app
6 Understanding Shortcuts APIs

Implementing Coffee App Shortcuts Using NSUserActivity
7 Understanding the structure of the app
8 Creating shortcut using NSUserActivity
9 Setting up developer options
10 Restoring the app using shortcuts
11 Adding voice shortcut
12 Challenge Displaying size and total
13 Solution Displaying size and total

Implementing Coffee App Using Intents
14 Adding intent definition file
15 Donating the intent
16 Setting up intentsintents UI project
17 Implementing CoffeeOrderDataManager
18 Using CoffeeOrderDataManager
19 Placing order using custom intent
20 Challenge Coffee roast for the order
21 Solution Coffee roast for the order

Developing a Custom User Interface for Siri Shortcuts
22 Implementing invoice user interface
23 Displaying invoice view
24 Implementing confirm order interface
25 Displaying confirmation view
26 Ordering coffee using voice shortcuts
27 Challenge Displaying name in confirm
28 Solution Displaying name in confirm

Custom Responses
29 Understanding custom responses
30 Custom responses in intents definition
31 Returning custom responses
32 Enabling Siri shortcut testing
33 Adding add to Siri button
34 Adding Siri voice shortcuts from app
35 Deleting an order
36 Deleting donations

37 Next steps