iOS 13 Development Essential Training: 1 Fundamentals, UI, and Architecture

iOS 13 Development Essential Training: 1 Fundamentals, UI, and Architecture
iOS 13 Development Essential Training: 1 Fundamentals, UI, and Architecture
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Got a great idea for an app? The iOS 13 Development Essential Training series can give you the skills you need to make your idea a reality. In this course—the first installment in a two-part series—instructor Todd Perkins covers the basics of application development for iOS devices, providing novice iOS developers with the tools they need to jump-start a career in this exciting field. Todd—who’s been developing iOS apps for a decade—highlights key concepts and tips he wished he knew at the start of his own career. He covers Xcode fundamentals, such as how to create an Xcode project and use the iOS Simulator. Plus, learn how to build a user interface, including how to approach responsive UI design with Auto Layout, and explore the essentials of app architecture.

Topics include:

  • Navigating the Xcode interface
  • The model-view-controller design pattern in iOS apps
  • Responding to UI events
  • Troubleshooting UI-to-code connections
  • Changing the sizing of an object dynamically
  • Coding UI objects
  • Working with table views
  • Debugging code
  • Unit testing in iOS
Table of Contents

1 Start a career in iOS development
2 What you should know
3 Install Xcode and the iOS SDK
4 Create an Xcode project
5 Navigate the Xcode interface
6 Xcode preferences
7 Use the iOS Simulator
8 Model-view-controller in iOS
9 Work with storyboards
10 Change UI objects with code
11 Respond to UI events
12 Text fields
13 First responders
14 Dismiss the keyboard with touch events
15 Dismiss the keyboard with delegation
16 Troubleshoot UI-to-code connections
17 Challenge Connections
18 Solution Connections
19 Center an object in portrait and landscape
20 Change the size of an object dynamically
21 Change a layout with device orientation
22 Arrange multiple UI objects with Auto Layout
23 Challenge UI
24 Solution UI
25 Land a job as an iOS developer
26 Add Auto Layout constraints with code
27 Use SwiftUI for layouts
28 Challenge Code UI
29 Solution Code UI
30 Table views
31 Table view controllers
32 Load simple data into a table view
33 Load an array into a table view
34 Navigation controllers
35 Transition to another view controller
36 Sending data through a storyboard segue
37 Displaying data from a storyboard segue
38 Challenge Tables
39 Solution Tables
40 The application and scene delegates
41 Debug code
42 Unit testing in iOS
43 Next steps