Ionic 4.0 : Deploying Ionic Apps

Ionic 4.0 : Deploying Ionic Apps
Ionic 4.0 : Deploying Ionic Apps
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Building mobile applications is challenging and deploying one app across multiple platforms requires attention to a variety of additional details. This course walks through the intricacies of building and deploying app code that is compatible for mobile, web, and desktop. Sani Yusuf first shows you how to set up your environment, installing Ionic, Cordova, Git, and Gradle. Then, he covers the development process, followed by testing. He demonstrates how to use Ionic Appflow for mobile DevOps, Ionic Deploy for deployment, Ionic DevApp for running an app, and PWA service workers for push notifications. Sani also discusses how to use Capacitor which allows building native web apps. He wraps up the course by taking you through the steps of using Electron for desktop.

Topics include:

  • Setting up a development environment
  • Scaffolding an Ionic app
  • Using Ionic DevApp
  • Working with Cordova
  • Configuring for Android and iOS
  • Running a mobile app on an emulator
  • Using Ionic Appflow
  • Updating Ionic apps with Deploy
  • Converting Ionic apps to PWAs
  • Testing on a mobile device
  • Setting up Firebase Hosting
  • Using Capacitor on the web
  • Using Electron for desktop deployment
Table of Contents

1 Deploying applications across environments
2 What you should know
3 Installing Ionic and Cordova
4 Installing Git
5 Installing Gradle
6 Scaffold the Ionic Tourista app
7 Finalizing the Tourista app
8 Introducing Ionic DevApp
9 Testing with Ionic DevApp
10 Understanding Cordova
11 Configuring the environment for Android
12 Running on an Android emulator
13 Running on an Android device
14 Configuring the environment for iOS
15 Running on iOS emulator and iOS device
16 Introduction to Ionic Appflow
17 Understanding Ionic Deploy
18 Setting up Ionic Deploy
19 Updating Ionic apps with Deploy
20 Explaining service workers
21 Converting Ionic apps to PWAs
22 Set up Firebase Hosting
23 Testing on a device
24 Introduction to Capacitor
25 Using Capacitor on the web
26 Using Capacitor to access device API
27 Introduction to Electron
28 Testing on the desktop
29 Next steps