Introduction to BBC Micro:bit

Introduction to BBC Micro:bit
Introduction to BBC Micro:bit
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Learn all the peripherals of the Micro:Bit by building several projects

Hello learners, welcome to the “Introduction to BBC Micro:bit” course. If you are looking for that one course that will help you gain confidence to explore the Micro:bit, you have come to the right place.

In just two and half hours, you will learn ALL the peripherals of the Micro:Bit and will build several projects. Along the way, you will learn quite a bit of science related to the projects that you do.

So, this course is structured as SCIENCE + Micro:Bit + PROJECTS.

With numerous custom-made illustrations and animations, we have set the standard in terms of production quality so that you can have a terrific learning experience.

This course is meant for anyone in the age group of 8 to 100+. This is basically for people who are mentally young and curious.

If you are a teacher or a parent trying to introduce the BBC Micro:bit to your student or kid, you will find this course very useful as you will be able to answer all the questions your students or kid will ask. This is because we have tailored this course by giving equal importance to both the projects as well as the concepts.


  • Explore the history, the impact and the physical overview of the BBC Micro:bit
  • Display custom images and animations using the LED Matrix of the BBC Micro:bit
  • Trigger events using buttons on the BBC Micro:bit
  • Implement a Spirit Level Project using the accelerometer and a Metal Detector Project using the compass/magnetometer
  • Understand the basics of serial communication and send data between the BBC Micro:bit and a PC
  • Implement a temperature logger project and plot a graph of the temperature in your surroundings
Table of Contents

01 Introduction to the course
02 Getting to know your BBC Micro -bit
03 Physical Overview of the BBC Micro -Bit
04 Introduction to the Block Editor
05 Modules in the Block Editor
06 Introduction to Programming Concepts
07 ‘Hello, World!’
08 Understanding the Micro -Bit buttons and the LED Matrix
09 Blinking the LED Matrix with a button
10 Advanced Functions of the LED Matrix
11 Project – Pomodoro Timer
12 Activity Project – Light Detector
13 What is an Accelerometer
14 Using the Accelerometer blocks
15 Project – Spirit Level
16 Activity Project – The Earthquake Detector
17 What is a Magnetometer
18 The Magnetometer Module Blocks
19 The Metal Detector Project
20 Digital Compass Activity Project
21 Understanding Serial Communication
22 Get the Micro -bit to talk with a PC
23 The Temperature Logger Project
24 What is Radio Communication
25 An Overview of the Radio Module Blocks
26 Digital Telegraphy Project using the Morse Code
27 Conclusion