Intro to User Experience Design

Intro to User Experience Design

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Learn best practices to create effective, intuitive experiences for people through an iterative UX design process.

Interested in UX design but not sure where to start? Our user experience design short course will teach you the best practices you need to create effective, intuitive experiences for people.

We’ll cover all the bases of an iterative UX design process including user research, wireframing, prototyping, UI design and user testing. Learn how to think like a UX designer and confidently work on projects for yourself and clients.

What you’ll learn

  • What goes into a UX design process + how it differs from a traditional graphic design process
  • Popular research methods and how to turn insights into personas, user journeys, site maps and user flows
  • How to conduct user testing with real people, get feedback and make informed design decisions
  • How to create wireframes and prototypes to handoff to clients and stakeholders
  • How to conduct user testing and turning feedback into insight to inform design decisions
  • Going from wireframes to design, and creating consistent, effect designs
Table of Contents

1 Course introduction
2 What is the course brief?
3 Brand guidelines
4 12 essential questions
5 UX questionnaire
6 What is UX?
7 UX design roles
8 What are the different design roles?
9 7 factors
10 The UX design process
11 Defining UX
12 Reviewing our brief
13 Additional questions we may have
14 How to send a research email
15 Reviewing our reply
16 Research
17 Why research?
18 Types of research: part 1
19 Types of research: part 2
20 Types of research: part 3
21 Types of research: part 4
22 UX survey questions
23 Creating a Typeform survey
24 Our survey results
25 Competitive analysis: part 1
26 Competitive analysis: part 2
27 Research wrap up
28 Analyze intro
29 Personas
30 User flows: Liza
31 User flows: James
32 Content outline
33 Sitemap part 1
34 Sitemap part 2
35 Home page sketching
36 Category page sketching
37 Intro to paper prototypes
38 Explaining before UI
39 Sketching category pages
40 Paper prototyping setup
41 Testing with others
42 Wireframing intro
43 Wireframing tips
44 Hierarchy
45 Wireframing content
46 Home page wireframe: UI
47 Home page wireframe: hero grid and 8px
48 Home page wireframe: products component and proximity
49 Home page wireframe: adding sections + spacing between
50 Home page wireframe: grid vs percentage based design + primary vs secondary CTAs
51 Home page wireframe: comparing landing pages + keeping a homepage short
52 Home page wireframe: designing a grid section
53 Home page wireframe: finishing up
54 Home page to category page
55 Category page filters
56 Product page
57 Homepage mobile: set up + mirror
58 Homepage mobile: first half
59 Homepage mobile: category section
60 Homepage mobile: new solution
61 Homepage mobile: last section + footer
62 Conclusion
63 Introduction to design
64 Design resources
65 UI sticker sheet
66 Design homepage: part 1
67 Design homepage: part 2
68 Design homepage: part 3
69 Prototyping introduction
70 Connecting pages
71 Preserve scroll position
72 Viewing our prototype + sharing
73 Tips for testing prototypes
74 Course wrap up + case studies