Interaction Design: Projects and Platforms

Interaction Design: Projects and Platforms
Interaction Design: Projects and Platforms
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An interaction designer’s mission is the same on every project: create an experience that users will love. And while the applications and platforms you work on may vary greatly from client to client, user-centered design techniques can help you accomplish this central goal on nearly any kind of project. In this course, Diane Cronenwett takes a deeper dive into interaction design, exploring each of the key platforms, processes, and project types you’ll encounter as a working UX designer. Diane shares general techniques and tools for evaluating user needs and designing for different experience levels. She then goes over common challenges you’ll face when designing consumer and enterprise experiences, as well as modern interfaces such as wearables.

Topics include:

  • Understanding user motivations and goals
  • Using personas in interaction design
  • Designing ecommerce and social experiences
  • Designing enterprise experiences for mobile
  • UX design challenges for smart home devices
  • Designing for voice interfaces
  • UX design challenges for automotive interfaces
Table of Contents

1 Design anything

Understanding User Motivations, Goals, and Tasks
2 User research overview
3 User archetypes
4 Context of use
5 Defining scenarios
6 Defining design principles
7 Designing for novices and beginners
8 Designing for intermediate and experts

Designing Consumer Experiences
9 Consumer experience considerations
10 Designing ecommerce experiences
11 Designing social experiences
12 Designing content-rich experiences
13 Consumer experience for mobile

Designing for Enterprise Experiences
14 Enterprise experience considerations
15 Designing software and web applications
16 Designing intranets
17 Enterprise experiences for mobile

Designing for Modern Interfaces
18 Designing smart home devices
19 Designing wearables
20 Designing voice interfaces
21 Designing automotive transit interfaces
22 Designing kiosks

23 Next steps