Integrated Green Energy Solutions, Volume 1

Integrated Green Energy Solutions, Volume 1

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1119847434 | 400 Pages | PDF | 46 MB

Integrated Green Energy Solutions
This first volume in a two-volume set presents the state of the art for the concepts, practical applications, and future of renewable energy and how to move closer to true sustainability.

Renewable energy supplies are of ever-increasing environmental and economic importance in every country worldwide. A wide range of renewable energy technologies has been established commercially and recognized as an important set of growth industries for most governments. World agencies, including the United Nations, have extensive programs to encourage these emerging technologies.

This book will bridge the gap between descriptive reviews and specialized engineering technologies. It centers on demonstrating how fundamental physical processes govern renewable energy resources and their applications. Although the applications are updated continually, the fundamental principles remain the same, and this book will provide a useful platform for those advancing the subject and its industries.

Integrated Resilient Energy Solutions is a two-volume set covering subjects of proven technical and economic importance worldwide. Energy supply from renewables is an essential component of every nation’s strategy, especially when there is responsibility for the environment and sustainability. These two volumes will consider the timeless renewable energy technologies’ principles yet demonstrate modern applications and case studies. Whether for the veteran engineer, student, or other professional, these two volumes are a must-have for any library.