Infrastructure as Code, Master AWS Cloud Development Kit CDK

Infrastructure as Code, Master AWS Cloud Development Kit CDK

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AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) Create and provision AWS infrastructure as code. Deployments predictably &repeatedly

AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK)

Welcome to the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) Developer Guide. This document provides information about the AWS CDK, which is a software development framework for defining cloud infrastructure in code and provisioning it through AWS CloudFormation.

AWS CloudFormation enables you to:

Create and provision AWS infrastructure deployments predictably and repeatedly.

Leverage AWS products such as Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Block Store, Amazon SNS, Elastic Load Balancing, and Auto Scaling.

Build highly reliable, highly scalable, cost-effective applications in the cloud without worrying about creating and configuring the underlying AWS infrastructure.

Use a template file to create and delete a collection of resources together as a single unit (a stack).

Use the AWS CDK to define your cloud resources in a familiar programming language. The AWS CDK supports TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Java, and C#/.Net.

What you’ll learn

  • What is the CDK – Cloud Development Kit
  • What is the CDK doing behind the scenes
  • How to use Infrastructure as Code
  • How to use Infrastructure as Code on AWS
  • How to track Infrastructure using version control
+ Table of Contents

1 Introduction Section 1
2 Creating an AWS account
3 Initial Environment setup, appendix section and checking for node
4 Installing the AWS CLI and configuring it
5 Installing the AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit)

Creating our first simple application with the CDK
6 Creating our first CDK app in TypeScript using CDK int
7 Adding a S3 Bucket to our Stack
8 Learning to navigate the AWS CDK Documentation

Deploying our simple application to Amazon AWS
9 Bootstraping our application
10 Deploying our Bucket to AWS using the CKD

Testing our Infrastructure
11 Creating our Template file using synthesize
12 Testing for the resource and the output infrastructure creation
13 Installing the assert package and creating testing on the Resource Created

Creating a lambda function using the AWS CDK
14 Laying the groundwork for our lambda function
15 Creating the handler of our lambda function in TypeScript
16 Creating our AWS Lambda Resource in the CDK
17 Creating and deploying our TypeScript Lambda Content
18 Testing our Lambda function and understand CloudWatch logs

Deploying assets to our S3 Bucket using AWS CDK
19 Deploying assets to the S3 Bucket and passing it name to the Lambda Function

Accessing the S3 Bucket from our Lambda Function
20 Linking our S3 bucket to our Lambda Function using the AWS CDK
21 Generating Signed URL with expired to access our Photos in the S3 Bucket

AWS CDK and IAM rules
22 Creating IAM rules using AWS CDK

Creating a API Gateway to be able to access our Lambda Functions
23 Adding a APIGateway using the AWS CDK
24 Creating the API Lambda integration and Access Routes

Creating and deploying our React app to AWS using AWS CDK
25 Creating our React App using TypeScript
26 Creating a S3 bucket with public read access to host our React Website

Connecting our React website to a cloudFront
27 Creating our CloudFront using AWS CDK

Displaying the protected and encoded images on our website
28 Adding Axios and Bootstrap to our React app (and a little clean up)
29 Making request from our React App to our Lambda Function
30 Showing a Bootstrap Image Carousel from our photos
31 Making our Website good looking with Bootstrap

Re-Deploying our new Website
32 Deploying the changes on the Website to the S3 Bucket in AWS
33 Cleaning the CloudFront cache

Clean up, how to deleting a Stack
34 Removing the CloudFormation Stack with CDK destroy

It is time for a course and a CDK update
35 Updating all packages to latest including CDK CLI
36 Re-Deploying with the new CDK version and fixing the getAllPhotos endpoint

37 Creating multiple stacks and staging environment
38 Removing multiple stacks at once

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More advanced questions

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