Implementing Azure Cognitive Services for Search

Implementing Azure Cognitive Services for Search
Implementing Azure Cognitive Services for Search
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Use the power of AI to solve problems in your apps and services to increase your search efficiency

Are your clients looking for smart solutions to perform efficient search operations? Microsoft Azure has designed Cognitive Services to perform smart searches. You can implement them into your business applications to leverage this to your advantage.

This course will help you build intelligent applications that can infuse your websites and bots with algorithms using the search APIs. You’ll start by utilizing the APIs to provide efficient text-based, image, and video searches. Then you’ll write code to return a list of suggested terms that other users have searched for and use Bing Custom Search, which restricts search results to the domains, sites, and web pages that you choose. We’ll also explore indexing, and you’ll see how to push data into the index. Finally, you’ll implement new capabilities into your application, which will enhance your search via AI-based skill sets.

By the end of this course, you’ll be well equipped to build amazing search-based solutions on any platform using Azure Cognitive Services.

A hands-on course to work on real-world implementations of Search Cognitive Services on the Microsoft Azure stack. You’ll learn to build web-based and console applications using the various APIs of search Cognitive Services.

  • Configure and set up Cognitive Services in Azure
  • Create a custom search engine to provide public search access to your users
  • Visually search for similar products and images
  • Identify barcodes and extract textual information from images
  • Implement search for the news based on your location
  • Provide comprehensive results in various languages as per your user’s preference
  • Leverage Bing to add autosuggest capabilities to your website or app