High Performance Applications with C++

High Performance Applications with C++
High Performance Applications with C++
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Leveraging the latest features and advanced techniques of C++ to build high performing, reliable applications.

C++ has come a long way and has now been adopted in several contexts. Its key strengths are its software infrastructure and resource-constrained applications. The C++ 17 release will change the way developers write code, and this video course will help you master your developing skills with C++. With real-world, practical examples explaining each concept, the course will begin by introducing you to the latest features in C++ 17. It encourages clean code practices in C++ in general and demonstrates the GUI app-development options in C++.

By the end of the course, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of the language and its various facets.

This straightforward guide will help you level up your skills in C++ programming, be it for enterprise software or for low-latency applications like games. Filled with real-world, practical examples, this video course will take you gradually up the steep learning curve that is C++.

What You Will Learn

  • Test frameworks with C++
  • Get acquainted with the new C++17 features
  • Identify code-smells, clean up, and refactor legacy C++ applications
  • Build portable cross-platform applications using standard C++ features
Table of Contents

Multithreaded Programming
1 The Course Overview
2 Creating Threads with the Pthreads Library
3 Writing a Multithreaded Application
4 Using std - -thread in an Object-Oriented Fashion
5 Synchronizing Threads

Inter-Process Communication
6 Mutex
7 Deadlock
8 Conditional Variable

Concurrency in C++
9 Writing a Simple Hello World Program

Test-Driven Development
10 Google Test Framework
11 Writing First Test Case Using Google Test Framework

TDD in Action
12 Developing an RPN Calculator Application
13 Testing a Piece of Legacy Code

Behavior-Driven Development
14 Installing cucumber-cpp in Ubuntu
15 Building and Executing the Test Cases
16 Writing First Cucumber Test Case

Debugging Techniques
17 Debugging Our Application Using GDB
18 Debugging Memory Leaks with Valgrind
19 Detecting Memory Leaks