Hands-On Server-Side Web Development with Koa.js

Hands-On Server-Side Web Development with Koa.js
Hands-On Server-Side Web Development with Koa.js
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Develop robust web applications by leveraging the power of the Koa.js and Node.js frameworks

The demand for multi-functional applications has grown over the past few years. To simplify the application development process, Express has come up with Koa, a minimal version of the Node.js framework.

This course starts by helping you set up the environment you need to use Koa.js. You will learn to create a server using Node.js and Koa.js. You will build views, use the available Koa templates, and learn to authenticate your app and provide secure login access using JWT.

You’ll learn to use promises, and async functions while building your application, and how to handle errors using try-catch and utilize the middleware. Finally, you will master database connectivity and deploy your application on Docker. By the end of this course, you will be able to leverage the Koa framework to develop server-side applications.


  • Build a server-side application using Koa & MongoDB
  • Create a Node.js server using the Koa.js framework
  • Utilize REST APIs to perform various data handling operations
  • Implement CRUD operations using MongoDB
  • Handle errors efficiently using the try-catch function
  • Utilize async-await to resolve API and database connections
  • Make your application production-ready using Nginx and deploy it using Docker
Table of Contents

Installation and Setup
1 The Course Overview
2 Introduction to Server-Side Application
3 Koa versus Express
4 Environment Setup for Koa

Getting Started with Koa
5 Creating Server with Koa
6 Understanding the Concept of ctx in Koa
7 Application and Context Object
8 Creating Async Functions with Babel
9 Cascading in Koa

Building REST API with Koa
10 Performing CRUD Operations and Building the REST API
11 Error Handling Using TryCatch
12 Running Server with Nodemon

Adding Database Layer and Integrating Template Engine
13 Creating Connection with Koa and MongoDB
14 Implementing CRUD Operations on MongoDB
15 Implementing Put and Update Operations to Design Schema with Koa
16 Adding Template Engine
17 Displaying Data with Koa on UI
18 Connecting Koa Endpoint with the Existing Angular App

Securing Your App with JWT
19 Understanding JWT
20 Securing Koa Route with JWT
21 Saving the Data
22 Testing Koa Endpoints with Postman

Adding Testing Framework
23 Setting Up a Testing Environment
24 Using Mocha and Chai for API Testing
25 Continuous Testing with the Mocha Script

Production Using Nginx and Dockerize
26 Setting Up Nginx on System
27 Creating Build of the App
28 Deploying App Over Nginx
29 Creating Docker Image
30 Creating Docker-compose for Production Deployment