Hands-On Python Regular Expressions

Hands-On Python Regular Expressions
Hands-On Python Regular Expressions
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Understand regular expressions in everyone’s favorite language: Python

Do you fear regular expressions (regexes)? Do you need to ace the next interview where you will be asked about the advanced usage of regexes? Then you need this course! Regexes are a very powerful tool when you need to deal with textual data. Python offers all the advanced features of regexes such as look-arounds, quantifiers, and commenting your regexes to help your colleagues.

In this course, you will learn how to apply regexes in your daily programming tasks in Python. This technique is used daily in programming projects such as web development, machine learning, big data, and cloud computing. This course will walk you through regexes while cleaning your dataset in your next big data project; you’ll handle data validation or capture chunks of useful information from text.

By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of all Python functions and will be able to apply regex concepts to real-life programming situations.

This course takes a hands-on approach and will walk you through learning and using regexes in Python. You will use the Python REPL extensively to construct regexes. We will also build a small web application using the Flask web application framework. It will contain a user registration form and we will use regexes extensively to validate the data received via the form.


  • Master the use of regexes in Python
  • Master hands-on regex concepts such as anchors, quantifiers, character classes, captures, and more
  • Use Python functions to replace text content via regular expression patterns.
  • Learn Python functions such as search, findall, split, sub, and match
  • Search, edit, and manipulate text with the power of regexes in Python