Hands-On Problem Solving for Machine Learning

Hands-On Problem Solving for Machine Learning
Hands-On Problem Solving for Machine Learning
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Intuitive strategies to deal with messy data, weak models, and leaky machine-learning pipelines

Machine learning is all the rage, and you have been tasked with creating models for your business. What looked simple on the surface quickly becomes a nightmare of messy data and non-performing models. What do you do?

Hands-On Problem Solving for Machine Learning is packed with intuitive explanations of how machine learning works so that you can fix your models when they break. It presents a wide array of practical solutions for your machine learning pipeline, whether you are working with images, text, or numbers. You’ll get a real feel for how to tackle challenges posed during regression and classification tasks.

If you want to move past calling simple machine learning libraries, and start solving machine learning problems with real-world messy data, this course is for you!

This fast-paced, solution-focused course quickly brings you to the heart of any machine learning problem; it supplies streamlined explanations around what is wrong, how it is wrong, and what needs to be done to solve it, and also hands-on demonstrations of the solution implemented.

What You Will Learn

  • Acquire a toolbox for machine learning in Python in just 30 minutes.
  • Clean messy datasets from the real world and use them in Python
  • Fix linear models that predicted wrong numbers
  • Resolve issues with classification models that mislabel data points
  • Deal with overfitting and making sure models generalize to the future
  • Future-proof your machine-learning pipeline