Hands-On Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with Electron 5.0

Hands-On Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with Electron 5.0
Hands-On Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with Electron 5.0
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Build an awesome production-ready cross-platform desktop application using Electron and React.js

Are you building an application across multiple OS like Windows, macOS, and Linux? Electron framework allows you to build user interfaces for all the platforms at the same time. This course is designed to help you integrate Electron with React and create advanced UI.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about Electron. You will start by setting up your environment and create the basic layouts to render the application window using HTML windows and IPC. All the concepts will be implemented in a real-world application to give you a build-as-you-learn experience. Utilize the Electron APIs to build your application functionalities. Finally, integrate Electron with React to create powerful user interfaces. You will also learn to deploy your application for both Windows and iOS systems.

By the end of the course, you will have the skills to build powerful desktop apps with GUIs that wow your clients using Electron.js.


  • Implement the core fundamentals of Electron.js to create an application
  • Explore most used and modern Electron APIs which will allow you to build progressive applications
  • Develop robust desktop applications using web development technologies
  • Build applications that work well on both Windows and MacOS from a single codebase
  • Integrate powerful frontend technologies like React into your Electron.js apps
  • Deploy your apps for Windows and MacOS
Table of Contents

Installation and Setup
1 The Course Overview
2 Introduction to Electron.js and the Application
3 Setting Up the Development Environment

Getting started with Electron
4 Creating the Project Boilerplate with the App API
5 Implementing Multiple Windows with the BrowserWindow API
6 Creating Window with ipcMain and ipcRenderer APIs
7 List Window with ipcMain and ipcRenderer APIs
8 Creating the Layout for Today Window

Handling Your Application Using Electron Events
9 Create Event with OOP
10 List Event with Arrays
11 Today Event with Filtered Arrays
12 Done Event for Updating Our Objects
13 Save and Read Appointments from the Data Store

Integrate React with Electron
14 Create Your React App
15 Integrate React into Your Electron Project
16 Implementing Sidebar and Components Skeleton for Initial UI
17 Create Appointment Component with Lifecycle Methods
18 Communication of All Appointment Components with Electron

Advanced UI with React Components
19 All Appointments Filter with Component State
20 Today Appointment Components with Lifecycle Methods
21 Check an Appointment as Done with UI Updating
22 Enhance UI Styling with CSS
23 Application General Test

Time to Show Your App to the World
24 Tools Overview
25 Releasing for Windows
26 Releasing for macOS
27 Wrap-Up