Hands-On Blender 3D Modeling

Hands-On Blender 3D Modeling
Hands-On Blender 3D Modeling
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Create usable and powerful 3D models to becoming a professional Blender 3D artist.

So, you’ve seen the latest movies and video games and want to be part of the action. Maybe you’re an indie game developer who needs some cool assets for your project, or an artist looking to branch out into the ever-growing 3D industry. Well, you can! 3D modeling is easier than you think and you can start creating your own art.

This course will show you the tools and skills necessary using the free Blender 3D software. And the best part is you’ll be creating in real time, as well as learning everything you need to know on your path to 3D artistry! This course will take you from A-Z, whether it be for movies, games, or 3D printing. It’s up to you to decide! If you want to learn Blender and make headway in the 3D modeling world, then this course is for you!

Step by step, we’ll create 3D art. With simple instructions and visualization of everything happening on the screen, you can easily follow along and absorb the content. The course will be interesting and hands-on, with useful tips and tricks that will help you speed up the process.

What You Will Learn

  • Use Blender 3D, from installation to masterful 3D art
  • Go step by step from Blender to game, or Blender to 3D print, or Blender to movie screen!
  • Create the Base Mesh for the objects you want to create
  • Sculpt using MultiRes modifier and Dynamic Topology sculpting
  • Understand the pros and cons of both methods
  • See the importance of Re-Topology, which is especially important in the gaming industry
  • Unwrap and texture your new 3D model by bringing it to life with some color
  • Rig a character to prepare it for animation, and give it some bones
  • Export and create Texture maps to bring your creation from Blender 3D to the world
Table of Contents

Introduction, Setting Up, and Navigation in Blender 3D
1 The Course Overview
2 Download and Installation of Blender 3D Software
3 Setup of the Blender 3D Software and Setting Preferences
4 Download and Installation of the Unity 3D Game Engine
5 Learning Navigation in Blender 3D

Creating the Base Mesh
6 Creating Your First Base Mesh
7 Finishing the Base Mesh
8 Finishing the Sword’s Base Mesh

Sculpting Blender Models
9 Sculpting to Add Detail to the Base Mesh
10 MultiRes Sculpting
11 Dynamic Topology Sculpting

Using Retopology on Your Model
12 What Is Retopology and Why Is It Important
13 Finish Retopology of the Sword
14 Unwrapping the Sword

Texturing Models
15 Baking Normal and Ambient Occlusion Maps
16 Adding Color to the Sword
17 Baking the Final Color Map

Character Rigging
18 Why We Need Rigging and Its Purpose for Animation
19 Finish with the Rigging

Exporting Models
20 Exporting 101
21 Bonus Material – Exporting to Unity 3D