Guide to Internet Cryptography: Security Protocols and Real-World Attack Implications

Guide to Internet Cryptography: Security Protocols and Real-World Attack Implications

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-3031194382 | 549 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

Research over the last two decades has considerably expanded knowledge of Internet cryptography, revealing the important interplay between standardization, implementation, and research.

This practical textbook/guide is intended for academic courses in IT security and as a reference guide for Internet security. It describes important Internet standards in a language close to real-world cryptographic research and covers the essential cryptographic standards used on the Internet, from WLAN encryption to TLS and e-mail security. From academic and non-academic research, the book collects information about attacks on implementations of these standards (because these attacks are the main source of new insights into real-world cryptography). By summarizing all this in one place, this useful volume can highlight cross-influences in standards, as well as similarities in cryptographic constructions.

Topics and features:

  • Covers the essential standards in Internet cryptography
  • Integrates work exercises and problems in each chapter
  • Focuses especially on IPsec, secure e-mail and TLS
  • Summarizes real-world cryptography in three introductory chapters
  • Includes necessary background from computer networks
  • Keeps mathematical formalism to a minimum, and treats cryptographic primitives mainly as blackboxes
  • Provides additional background on web security in two concluding chapters

Offering a uniquely real-world approach to Internet cryptography, this textbook/reference will be highly suitable to students in advanced courses on cryptography/cryptology, as well as eminently useful to professionals looking to expand their background and expertise.