The Great Calculus – Derivatives

The Great Calculus – Derivatives

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Find out how derivatives are used, from stopping elephant poaching to monitoring bee populations and video game coding.

Do you find traditional ways of teaching unengaging?

Are you looking for new and interesting ways to learn calculus?

This course is for you!

This course covers DERIVATIVES using relatable examples from real-world debates.

Videos: Short explainer animations to help you learn the topics

Definitions: Downloadable PDF with definitions linking to each topic

Questions: Downloadable PDF with questions and solutions following each video to test your new knowledge

+ Table of Contents

Introduction to course
1 Introduction to course
2 Download All Materials

Introduction to Derivatives
3 Summary
4 Introduction to Derivatives

Difference Quotient
5 Summary
6 Difference Quotient

Physical Applications
7 Summary
8 Physical Applications

9 Summary
10 Acceleration

11 Summary
12 Optimization

Related Rates
13 Summary
14 Related Rates

Mean Value Theorem
15 Summary
16 Mean Value Theorem

Tangent Lines
17 Summary
18 Tangent Lines

Differential Equations
19 Summary
20 Differential Equations

Rules of Differentiation
21 Summary
22 Rules of Differentiation

Higher Order Derivatives
23 Summary
24 Higher Order Derivatives

Graphing Functions
25 Summary
26 Graphing Functions

Differential Equations
27 Summary
28 Differential Equations

Chain Rule
29 Summary
30 Chain Rule

Derivatives summary
31 Practice Questions

Course completed
32 Congratulations!