Google Maps SEO: The 4 Pillars to Rank Your Website Page 1

Google Maps SEO: The 4 Pillars to Rank Your Website Page 1
Google Maps SEO: The 4 Pillars to Rank Your Website Page 1
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Get insane traffic like viral marketing! SEO and online marketing that’s easier than Google organic rankings (by 120x)!

Discover what you need to do to rank page 1 in Google Maps. Google Maps is the next revolution in Google. It’s taken a backseat to YouTube for years, but 2018 is The Year of The Maps! With new changes and the ability to drive insane amounts of traffic to your website consistently, it’s become one of my favourite tools for local businesses. What’s that? You say you have a mobile business, are a real estate agent, or own a home business? That’s OK, you can still list your business on Google Maps, increase your business today, and get a free local website provided by Google. I don’t just leave you there, I also added 10 directories you can use to list your business without an address. This is a way to start your business on a zero budget. 70% of mobile users rely on Google maps to find a service/business that can serve their needs, driving calls and text SMS to your home-based business.

The author will guide you through this process and explain what you need to have a fully optimized, service-based listing on |Google without all of the hassle of having a retail shop.

What You Will Learn

  • You’ll know how to set up a Google My Business Page
  • You’ll know how to set up a Google+ Listing
  • You’ll know how to respond to reviews in Google
  • You’ll know how to register for your first business directory citations
  • You’ll know the best 10+ business citations to have registered
  • You’ll know how to rank Page 1 in Google Maps
  • You’ll know the 4 Pillars of ranking in Maps
  • You’ll know how to optimize your Google+ Page
  • You’ll know how to get more reviews to your business pages
  • You’ll know how to gather more business directory citations for your listing
  • You’ll know how to build your first backlinks to your site
  • You’ll know how to build your first backlinks to your Google+ page
Table of Contents

01 Introduction
02 The 4 Pillars of Google Maps Ranking
03 Sign In to Google+
04 Keyword Planner & Sorting Breakdown
05 LongTail Pro Keyword Research
06 KW Finder Keyword Research
07 Google My Business Registration & Optimization
08 Descriptions Have Been Phased Out Currently
09 Google Review Management & Marketing
10 Additional Business Sites for Reviews
11 What Are Citations
12 WhiteSpark for Citation Analysis
13 Outsource Local Citations
14 Backlinks Are Easy
15 Optimize an Article
16 Optimize Readability
17 WordPress Yoast SEO Optimization Setup
18 Yoast Real-Time Analysis for Any Site
19 Real-Time Ranking Case Study
20 WordPress Fastest Cache Settings
21 WordPress Cache Speed Test