Getting Started with Synaptic

Getting Started with Synaptic
Getting Started with Synaptic
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Synaptic is a free and open-source JavaScript library for building neural networks that run everywhere JavaScript runs. In this, the opening session on building neural networks with JavaScript, Eric Greene explains how to use Synaptic to build a basic neural network. He also explains what neural networks are and how they work, and why software developers everywhere should care.

Table of Contents

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:53 Overview of Neural Networks
00:09:04 Using Synaptic
00:13:35 Configuring Synaptic (Demo)
00:19:43 Neurons
00:35:37 Creating and Using Neurons (Demo)
00:49:10 Many Neurons: The Layer
00:55:30 Creating and Connecting Layers of Neurons (Demo)
01:02:19 Using Architect to Build a Network
01:05:55 Creating a Perceptron (Demo)
01:13:35 Using Trainer to Train a Network
01:16:35 Training the Perceptron (Demo)
01:19:06 Using the Trained Network
01:21:27 Using the Network (Demo)
01:26:12 Conclusion