Getting Started with SQL

Getting Started with SQL
Getting Started with SQL
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Knowing how to handle big-data workloads with SQL begins with knowing the basics of the language. Learn the fundamentals of SQL using PostgreSQL and set up a database and client tools so you can work with them in subsequent sessions.

Table of Contents

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:59 Overview of SQL
00:09:05 Development Tools
00:22:05 Setting up PostgreSQL (Demo)
00:39:42 Retrieving Data
00:44:38 Using SELECT (Demo)
00:49:14 Inserting Data
00:52:29 Using INSERT (Demo)
00:54:15 Updating Data
00:56:14 Using UPDATE (Demo)
00:58:10 Deleting Data
00:59:19 Using DELETE (Demo)
01:01:50 Conclusion