Getting Started with C++ Programming

Getting Started with C++ Programming
Getting Started with C++ Programming
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Take your C++ skills up a notch and code for enterprise software and applications!

C++ is one of the most widely used languages in the world. It's used for everything from financial trading applications (where speed equals revenue!) to console video games. Its key strengths include servers and desktop applications.

The course begins by introducing you to the essentials of C++. You will learn how to set up the environment, where you’ll write your very first program. You’ll then work with the basic components and standard library functions that make up the language, and from there, you’ll gently move onto some advanced and interesting topics such as Object-Oriented Programming, Inheritance, and Memory Allocation (all of which will help with better performance and testing).

This course is designed and developed so you seamlessly get acquainted with C++ and begin developing applications in no time.

This video course will begin with taking you through C++ fundamentals, and will then build up your skills by teaching you about object-oriented concepts and more. It then moves on to some advanced and interesting topics to improve the app's performance and security. This practical example-based course will take you gradually up the steep learning curve that C++ is.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop your understanding of C++ syntax
  • Manipulate variables and conduct arithmetic operations on them
  • Control the flow of your programs and applications with functions
  • Access and save data to and from files, and perform input/output operations on them
  • Create objects, classes, and member functions in C++
  • See how to use arrays and vectors
Table of Contents

01 The Course Overview
02 How to Start a Project in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
03 Basic Usage and Outline of the IDE
04 Structure of a C++ Program
05 What is a Variable and What Are the Different Types
06 How to Initialize and Use a Variable in a Program
07 Using Variable to Create a Calculator Program
08 What is a Conditional Statement
09 If Else Statement
10 Nested If and Composite Conditions
11 Switch Statements
12 Ternary Operators
13 What is a Loop
14 while Loop
15 do while Loop
16 for Loop
17 Nested Loop
18 Input and Output (I_O)
19 User Input
20 Input Stream from File
21 Output Stream to File
22 Defining Function
23 Function Examples
24 Pass-By-Reference or Value
25 Defining Data Structures and Classes
26 Arrays
27 Vectors
28 Maps
29 Custom Class