Getting Ready for Angular 2

Getting Ready for Angular 2
Getting Ready for Angular 2
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What You Need to Know Before You Make the Jump

Angular 2 marks a significant upgrade to this popular front-end JavaScript framework – not so much an “incremental update” as a “complete rewrite” to Angular 1. This may sound scary when it comes to moving your project or team to a new version, but in this video course Scott Davis will help break down the changes to come and put you on a path to migration.

In this course you’ll learn the various syntactical changes introduced in Angular 2 and also how the new Angular is components-driven and leverages features of the modern web stack. Angular 2 also offers flexibility in terms of language choice, and this course will introduce two main development paths, one using TypeScript and another using ECMAScript 6. This course will also introduce tooling and libraries that will be important for your development environment when working with Angular 2.

By the end of this course, you will have gained an understanding of the changes coming in Angular 2, the decision making behind these choices, and how to be prepared to make the jump when Angular 2 releases.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Welcome to the Course

2. Angular 2 Preflight
Changes to Angular 2
Angular 2 The Good Parts
Angular 2 Hello World
Angular 2 Preflight Checklist
Angular 2 Decisions Languages, Libraries

3. Choosing a Language TypeScript or JavaScript
Introduction to TypeScript
Introduction to ECMAScript
Static Versus Dynamic Typed Languages

4. Choosing a Package Manager
Introduction to the Package Manager
Installing NodeJS
Understanding NPM
Serverside Versus Clientside Package Managers
Intro to JSPM
JSPM Versus Other Package Managers

5. Choosing a Module Loader
Introduction to CommonJS Modules
Introduction to AMD
Introduction to ES6 Modules
Introduction to SystemJS

6. Choosing a Transpiler Polyfill Library
Introduction to BabelJS
What is a Polyfill

7. Choosing a Build Script
Introduction to Gulp
Angular CLI
Step by Step
Wrap Up and Thank You